Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

In the last hour, there has been reports of earthquakes near the Dome Fuji Research station, one of the most inland stations on the continent. These have been unprecedented and appear to brr to unnatural to be regular ones.

Update: 00:56, The quakes have to have moved away Dome Fuji and appear to be heading towards Syowa, likely reaching them in the next twenty minutes.

Update 2: 01:15, The first images of what is causing the earthquakes have been received, currently 50 miles out of Syowa:


The unidentified object in its current speed will reach the station in 6 minutes.

Update 3: 01:24, We have lost all contact with Syowa station, nearby Mawson have reported hearing a massive explosion and the object has appeared to have entered the southern ocean.

Update 4: 01:28 Mawson just received a late fax from the now likely destroyed station which appear to be an depiction of the object:


In it's current speed, it will reach Japan midday tomorrow.

Happy New Years!

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