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Shoes and Cosplay

I don't want to post this on the Scooby board because I feel like this is a safer zone...

People are harping on Daphne's shoes and choice of outfit but I think that they are quite on target for the cosplay group. Then I started thinking about my selection (I'm working on a Daphne right now). I have RIDICULOUS purple boots I bought, because they are glorious and ridiculous. Then they HAPPENED to work for Daphne. I wear them on a regular basis not in cosplay.

I really want to defend the Daphne on the front page by listing out all the ridiculously tall shoes I've worn in cosplay , but then I'd feel like I was trolling or something. So I'm here. Venting.


If you don't have something nice to say about a cosplay, please don't say anything at all. You're not being as constructive as you think you are, and those people put a lot of frackking work into what they did.


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