Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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So I have this Facebook friend. A guy I barely remember from High School. He seems to have turned into quite the fundamentalist in the intervening years. I have put him in a separate category on Facebook, so I can exclude him from posts that might make him say ridiculous things like: Obama is a left wing extremist.


Anyways, yesterday, I posted this image to Facebook, and he took it as an opportunity to let his crackpot flag fly.

This was his response:

And this is what calling "evolution" a scientific fact has gotten us. A failure to understand what is really science. 😉


So I explain the difference between the concept of evolution, which is a fact, and the theory of Evolution by Means of Natural Selection. I throw in a very specific example of the concept of evolution, regarding changes in the age of menarche in Populations of foxes in Ontario as a result of the arrival of the Arctic Fox strain of rabies.

He dismisses my explanation as "something out of a high school textbook."

I say "High School textbooks talk about changes in the age of menarche in foxes in Ontario?"


He replies:

Yes...yes they do. It is exactly the kind of example used in Highschool texts to prove evolution. They choose survival of the fittest (where like breeds like) to demonstrate that new species eventually develop (like breeding unlike) which has never been observed...ever. In observational science we can observe genetic breeding and changes within a species, but a dog will always be a dog,


Seriously dude? Dogs started out as wolves. I do not think he could have picked a worst example to try and make his point with.

I think the time is coming when I shall have to do a mini purge of my Facebook friends.

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