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Should I go to Arizona?

Okay, so my husband was away for a bit, and he kept saying how he wished I were there and how he might get sent back and I should go with him, etc...

So, he was going to Kansas or Missouri or something, and he was going to miss Thanksgiving, so I wasn't going to go. I like Thanksgiving and I usually have Black Friday stuff to do and so forth.


Okay, so the schedule has been changed, and my husband is not going to miss Thanksgiving. Yeah!

So now he's going to go to Arizona instead, and he wants me to go too. In theory, I'd be gone about a week and a half. But, they tend to change their minds, and I get stuck going someplace else and I'm sometimes gone longer than I would like. Also, this is not near the stuff he wanted me to see in Arizona, this is just Phoenix, and I'm trying to remember if we did anything cool in Phoenix (other than Out of Africa, which has since moved someplace else).

Also, he does not have any days off during the trip. So I go on these trips and I'm mostly just stuck in a motel room, except for during his day off and the long driving days. This trip he has four long driving days and no days off once we get there. So I'm thinking that except for lunch and maybe doing something after work on Saturday, we won't be doing that much, and it would be a really long week for me in a motel room.

Decisions, decisions...

Also, I sometimes do not have good internet, sometimes the cable sucks, and I would probably miss the Secret Santa thing cause that would be one of those long days of driving when I would not get to play with the computer.

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