Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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See, this is why I'm asking the O Deck. This is my last convention T-shirt. I think I only had like three of them to start with. It's from Stellar Occasions 1995, it's white and size extra large and it does not look especially good on me now. The picture is not anything special and it's faded now. I haven't worn it in a while. Other things that look similar that I have not worn in a while I would get rid of.


But it's my last convention T-shirt. See? Maybe it is an unwritten rule that one never ever gives up the last convention T-shirt.

Now, don't joke unless you put one of these ;), cause I won't know that you are joking, and if you tell me that it's a thing that fans must keep at least one convention T-shirt FOREVER, then I will think that is really a thing.


Now, it's not like I am lacking in the genre T-shirt department, just the convention T-shirt department.

I should probably get rid of some of those other T-shirts too. I have two Harry Potter T-shirts, and I'm thinking that I only need one. And that's a rather silly thing to say, cause I would not, for instance, say that I only need one Star Trek T-shirt, right? But, anyway, I have the one Harry Potter T-shirt with the gang and Fluffy on this brown tie dye thing, and I used to wear it a lot and it's getting rather worn. And then I have this other one that is black and the picture part is in this sort of frame. Generally, I like the brown one better, except that since I did like it better I wore it more and now I'm thinking it's rather worn out. Maybe I'm just liking the brown one better because it is brown and I just have tons of black stuff. Or maybe I'm liking it better because tie dye. But anyway, the picture in the brown one is starting to not look it's best, and the black one still looks good.


And then I have this T-shirt with Spock, and Spock sort of has this halo, and the halo and the words Star Trek glow in the dark. And the glow in the dark part is the only thing that makes this T-shirt special, other than that, it's like so many other T-shirts that I have. But this one is really, really worn. Doesn't look good, and I just have it in the bag with my swim stuff, and I wear it over my swimsuit on the way to the pool.

Now, a couple of times when I was wearing the thing on the way to the pool, a friend saw me and was just all wow and everything. So, if I'm wanting to get rid of things, I should see if my friends want stuff, right? Except I think that think this is too worn out, and I think this friend needs to chill about Spock anyway. In fact, I think this shirt is too worn to bother giving it too Goodwill.


I get a lot of cool stuff at Goodwill, but I'm thinking that if I don't want it anymore that Goodwill doesn't want it back either.

Mostly. About a year and a half ago I decided that I should just give up and buy some clothes that resembled small tents. Okay, well, not really that bad. But they were to fit my almost 180 pounds, and now I'm closer to 140. So I've found four dresses that I got from Goodwill and I only even wore one of them maybe once, and I think that two of them can just go back to the store, and that I'll keep the other two for fabric.


I'm not going to get rid of all the clothes that don't fit, cause I might need them again later and I don't want to be naked. But I think I'm safe to get rid of these few things.

I have two denim shirts that I wore as jackets. One of them looks better on me than the other one. I'm thinking that I don't wear this enough to need two of them.


Okay, so I used to keep things that I was going to make into something else. Okay, I still keep things that I'm going to make into something else. But I used to keep some specific things that I was going to make into something else, and I just never got around to it, and maybe I got rid of some of it and just don't remember. But anyway, I had two things that I was going to add to this box of things, only then I couldn't find the box of things so I threw them away. One was a maroon turtleneck shirt that I liked, but I got paint on it. So I was going to keep it for a project, that I would make something else out of it to wear and the paint wouldn't show. But it kept getting mixed in with the regular stuff that I wear, and I kept putting it on and then later I'd be going somewhere and realize I had on a shirt that had paint on it. So that got annoying and I threw it away.

And also, I used to see people making quilts out of themed T-shirts. Like they had a bunch of blood-drive T-shirts, or bike race T-shirts, or convention T-shirts, and they would have so many T-shirts that they would rarely wear most of them, so they wore each a couple of times and then cut off the sleeves and such and then made quilts or throw pillows and such from them. Anyway, I don't have anything in those themes, but I do have a lot of sci-fi things, and also animal and fish things, and sometimes you get a shirt that something is wrong with the sleeve, (or you get paint on the bottom edge of the shirt) or something is wrong with the neck, but the picture on the shirt is still nice, so if you had a lot of these you could make one of these quilts. And I was going to do this, as soon as I got enough in one theme. But I can't find this box now, so maybe I gave up on the idea as it was taking too long. So I had this Deep Space Nine T-shirt, but I got a hole in one of the sleeves, and I was going to put in in this box, but then I gave up looking for the box and just threw it away. Cause Goodwill doesn't want this shirt with a hole in the sleeve, right?


Well, this is getting longer than I expected, so I guess I will stop for now, though I'm not done with the clothes I put aside for this post.

So, recap, and remember if you are making a joke I need a ;).

Okay, so do I need to keep the last convention T-shirt, because people keep their last convention T-shirt FOREVER, or should I just toss it? I don't think Goodwill needs a faded convention T-shirt.


I should keep the black Harry Potter T-shirt and get rid of the brown tie dye one that is fading. And the brown one should go in the trash cause if I don't like the fading picture Goodwill doesn't want it, or do they? Or should I keep both for now?

I should throw Spock T-shirt in trash, right?

I should give back to Goodwill two of the dresses that are two big, right?

I should give to Goodwill one of the denim shirts, right?

And please tell me that I did the right thing putting the turtleneck and the Deep Space Nine T-shirt in the trash, cause I already did that and they are probably already gone.

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