NO, not those kinds of drugs!

Acetaminophen. Acetaminophen and aspirin. Acetaminophen and aspirin with caffeine. Acetaminophen and aspirin with less caffeine. Acetaminophen with aspirin and more caffeine. Backache pills. Backache pills with caffeine. Backache pills with diphenhydramine HCI. Diphenhydramine HCI (Benedryl). Acetaminophen and aspirin with diphenhydramine HCI. Caffeine pills. Pink tablets for digestion problems. Little green pills for digestion problems. Liquicaps nighttime cold medicine. Liquicaps daytime cold medicine. Children's liquid allergy medicine. Cough syrup.

And also cough drops, and things that resemble cough drops. By the pound.

I think, during the forties when my house was designed, maybe there was only four of these things, and they went in a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. And not a nice big one either, the little bitty metal thing is still in my house. So of course the drugs do not fit there, much less cosmetic stuff, personal hygiene stuff, etc....


And I have two or three each of some of this stuff, cause I've needed the stuff while I was on a trip.

And I have a few herbs, and my husband has tons of vitamins.

Most of this stuff is either in a bag (for travel needs) or on a bookshelf.

See, I was going to take a break for organizing the books, but as you can see we are sort of back to the books. Cause if the drugs didn't take up so much of the bookshelf space, there would be room there for more books.


When I was growing up, my mother put a lot of the over the counter drugs in a 9 x 13 cake pan, which then went into an overhead kitchen cabinet. And then she had another cake pan with bottles of vitamins. But in the stupid 1940s designed house we don't even have enough kitchen space for the kitchen stuff, so I don't have empty cabinet space to put cake pans filled with drugs and vitamins.

So, do other people have so many drugs? And where do you put your drugs?