Would you believe it? MORE VHS TAPES! Also, a few more drugs, a couple of books, and some shoes.

Unfortunately, not the mates to the shoes I found earlier.

I decided I needed to take a break and clean out the car. That way, after I decide what stuff needs to go to my friends garage sale next month, I'll have some place to put it. Right now I'm putting selected things near the front door (so, that's the kitchen) and it's getting a bit crowded. I need to separate the things that actually belong in the car from things I'll be giving away, and other things I might need to have in the car temporarily. So, temporary stuff in the front seat, stuff I'm giving away in the back seat, and the jack and jumper cables and that sort of thing last.

I've put clothes and things in the car before, thinking that if I hadn't gone back to the car to get whatever it was, then it was safe to give it to Goodwill or something. So, there were a few bags of clothes in the car that I'd forgotten about. I guess I didn't miss them. Garage sale.

But then this other stuff. This other stuff isn't even supposed to be in the car. I just had it and then forgot to bring it in. Someone gave me some tapes I forgot about. I forgot to bring in a raincoat (guess it's about time to need that again anyway). Some tools and stuff from ceramics class (I currently can't afford ceramics class, so there were tools in the car from the last class like three years ago). And a few books, cause just sometimes, you need a book. And, an extension cord.

An extension cord?

So I've mostly gotten that all straightened out, but I had to stop for a bit cause it was raining.


Shoes? And not shoes I'm giving away, and not the shoes I'm missing from earlier. Just different shoes. I don't remember.

But everybody else has a book or two in their car, right?