Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Actually, the tag says Panhandle Slim. It is a bit larger than anything I would like to wear at the moment, and it's short sleeve, and it's got this southwestern (Navajo?) pattern that is almost stripes (vertical).


And I have needed all sorts of themed clothes to wear to various things, but somehow I don't need western warehouse stuff that often, even in Texas. Or maybe there have been places to wear that sort of thing to, and I just haven't paid attention, cause I didn't even have a hat. Well, now I have a hat, but I think this is my only western shirt, and I don't think it looks that good on me.

Not that it's a bad looking shirt. It isn't worn out or anything. I like the colors, or I wouldn't have bought the thing in the first place.


I am thinking that it might be happier in an antique booth. Cause it's no longer required that antiques go in the antique booth, just that it be something interesting that somebody might want to buy.

See, I had all this stuff this morning, and I was ready to part with most of it this morning, but now I'm having other thoughts, like this is my only shirt that goes with a cowboy hat, if ever I have to be somewhere wearing a cowboy hat. I'm starting to think, hey, I should keep that, at least until I find something else like it that looks better on me. But no, it should go to the antique booth, right?


And then there's this black skirt that I took home after a club meeting where we made silly costumes. And I was thinking that since it had this sort of layer thing going on at the bottom with this like layer of sequins that I should keep it and it could be like this gypsy thing, cause I don't have anything like that. And gypsy stuff and pirate stuff are sometimes interchangeable, especially if you're a girl, and I don't have much pirate stuff. And you can wear all that kind of thing to ren fairs, and right now I don't have anything that I wear to ren fairs.

But then I was thinking that there was this other black shirt that I also thought might be good as a gypsy thing, but I never wore that one either. I like the top of the shirt, but it didn't have like a frilly layered thing at the bottom, and I never got around to adding that. And if I never wore the other one that just needed something added to the bottom, then I'd probably not wear this one that needed more work at the top.


And then I'm thinking that I should just sew these two together, and that would look cool. Maybe I should even see if there's a third thing that I should add to this. Maybe. Or maybe just these two together are enough.

Okay, so I have this turtleneck that's white with a Christmas pattern. And I don't wear it much, even after losing weight, cause it's rather snug around the neck. So I'm thinking it might work better as a vest. I don't have much Christmas stuff to wear, and last year I was out at the last minute looking for something to wear to my uncle's party.


I found a T-shirt with a little octopus on the front and a lot of other sea life on the back, and I was thinking that someday it would be part of a quilt of other sea life stuff. But since I can't find that box that the other old T-shirts were in, I think maybe it should go to Goodwill.

And then I have these two dresses that I don't think look good on me anymore, and I think I should make them into something else. Like I'm gonna get old, and old women do not like their necks, and actually I already didn't much like my neck to begin with, so I should get some scarf type thing and cover it up. And I make scarves that I wear in the winter, but I don't have any really thin things that can be worn in spring or summer. And I think that the other dress should be made into a skirt that I wear on the way to the pool. Cause now that I'm getting rid of my Spock T-shirt, what will I wear to the pool?


Okay, recap, and if you have a joke use ;) or I won't know it's just a joke.

I should take the western shirt and put it in an antique booth, right?

The two black skirts should be sewn together as a gypsy/pirate thing that I might wear to ren fairs and such, right?


I should cut the snug neck off of the Christmas turtleneck and see if I like it better as a vest, right?

The sea life T-shirt should go to Goodwill, right?

And the two dresses should be cut up and made into scarves and skirts, right?

See, I was going to write all this stuff down this morning, but that would have been just a really long post.

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