Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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For whatever reason, it seems that movie/TV land can't wrap their head around WW. (Personally, I think the "Thor" route of mystical science is the obvious answer.)


So I'm wondering (see what I did there) if it's time to find another candidates. Ideally, I'd hope they'd find a hero who isn't just a female shadow of a male hero and has a backstory that seems to be a better fit in the spandex universe, i.e., more science, less mythical. I'm also not a fan of making this candidate being a romantic interest for someone else on the team. (Just so we can avoid her from becoming nothing more than a super damsel in distress.)

The ones that come to my mind are:

  • Katana: Seems to be a good fit, though she is currently a Batman sidekick.
  • HawkWOMAN (Right off the bat, it appears that I'm breaking my own rule, but I've been matching JLA/U and seen this character come into her own in great way. Then again, she's dating GL in this series.)
  • Black Canary: Dead on idea if we ignore the Green Arrow. How would we do that?
  • Huntress: Her Batman connection could be easily ignored and she could be a GA substitute. With that in mind, Canary and Huntress would make a great double entry.
  • Starfire: No. No. No. (based on the new 52)
  • Lady Blackhawk: Doing the Captain America's "fish out of the water" schtick.

What are you suggestions?


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