Let's be clear—aspersions in my headline are for shit-disturbing purposes only. However, I'm re-watching Blake's 7 for the first time since I watched in the 80s, and I just finished episode 13, Orac, in which Avon utters the line "I was aiming for his head" with all the sarcastic aplomb that is the character's gift.

It's a line I've deeply associated with Firefly (loosely with Castle because of that), and to be honest, the Firefly moment is way more amusing and emotionally affecting, but still! Avon! He is kind of excellent (Blake is relatively unmemorable, which skewed my memories of the show—Darrow and Pearce are the faces and personas that stuck with me since the 80s). Nay, utterly excellent.

Anyway, back to stumbling through my teenaged memories. I also forgot there were so fucking many episodes...


(BTW, Jayne couldn't have a more different IQ from Avon, but there are other similarities...)