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Show off openthread

Looky here, someone didn’t forget today is Friday! So feel free to chat it up in the comments, I’ll do my best to lift you out of the greys, on the openthread that is. Can’t promise about anywhere else since I really don’t have that power anyway.

Also, the Thursday Tales blog had been getting really interesting. We’ve got adult geared, nsfw, things that I won’t link to here.

The usual short story sharing,


Some old farts discuss old scifi. But seriously, there’s some interesting stuff here. And if you’re like me, you have never heard any of this before.

Plus the fairy tale autopsies!


I will try my hardest to get one up this weekend. Maybe Monday. It would help if y’all give us some requests. Cause I’m kinda spinning my wheels as far as where to start.


That’s all that I can think of, feel free to carry on in the comments!

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