Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So, I read the BBC daily, and tonight I stumbled across an article saying that a website called Silk Road had been taken down by a DDoS attack. Apparently, Silk Road is only available through Tor viewing.

I have so many questions. I know DDoS is basically flooding a website with a bunch of traffic, causing it to crash, but that's all I understand. Anyone want to go more indepth with me?

Also, what is Tor viewing? From what I gleaned, its private viewing. Ok, but currently I'm using Firefox on Private Browsing (I don't like my history to be remembered, for a myriad of reasons.) Is this Tor? If not, someone want to break it down for me, and explain the pros and cons?


Yes, I did check out Wikipedia, but I don't 'speak the language' so it went over my head. Anyone want to explain all this in English? I'm terrible with computers and technology in general, and I'm attempting to better myself, but I'm finding it difficult to start from nothing.

Many thanks!

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