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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Simone Bianchi drops a post-Secret War Marvel hint

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Simone Bianchi apparently dropped a big hint about the end of Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars event in an interview with Comic Book Resources this morning.


He’s drawing a series of interconnecting covers for the event, similar to Art Adams’ interconnecting Original Sin cover. And here’s what he had to say about editorial direction for the cover (emphasis added)-

...he [Tom Brevoort] told me that my only real indication was to depict the two destroyed lands on the first cover and the renewed one on the last. Besides that, I had total freedom to draw anything I wanted, from any of Marvel’s storylines, and also portraying the same characters in different costumes.


That’s definitely interesting wording. Now, it might be a bit of a language barrier (Bianchi is Italian), but it’s the first time that I’ve read a confirmation that there’s some sort of reborn Earth at the end of the story. Up until now, we’ve all just assumed that it’d be true.

On a related note- isn’t that cover gorgeous?!

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