Men. Women. Black. White. Asian. Gay. Straight. No matter the general descriptor you can attach to an actor, they're all being considered to replace Matt Smith right now. But I thought I'd make up a Top Ten of my own, and ask you all: Who should be... well, Who?

10. Andrew Garfield

Sure, he's a big movie star now with some severe nerd-cred to his name now that he's Hollywood's Peter Parker, but I'm sure he could shore up his dual US/UK citizenship by taking on one of the most esteemed British acting roles too. He's had some fantastic roles in his past - especially as Tommy in the wonderful Never Let Me Go - and despite already showing up (with a super dodgy accent) previously in Who, in Series 3's Dalek two parter, he could bring an interesting bent to The Doctor, as well as continuing the recent trend of youthful 'widsom beyond their years' actors who've taken on the role.

Also: Fantastic hair. After David Tennant and Matt Smith, it is divine law, written into the BBC charter, that whoever plays The Doctor must have a fantastic head of follicles. Andrew gets full marks.

9. Romola Garai


Romola Garai is the lowest lady on this list, but that is by no means a bad thing for her - she's an actress with an amazing presence that could bring an air of refined elegance to the Time Lord/Lady. It's about time the Who reboot got a proper Romana equivalent - fiendishly intelligent, charmingly distant and yet still relatable and likeable - as she's shown in her fantastic turns as both the lead in the BBC's 2009 adaptation of Emma and as the wonderful Bel Rowley in the dearly-missed The Hour, Romola could definitely add a touch of Time Lord class to Saturday nights.

Romola has some pretty gorgeous hair as well. I mean, just look at it here, all voluptuous and whatnot. And I mean the hair, gentlemen and ladies of a certain disposition, the hair!

8. David Harewood


David's already used to the weird and wonderfully kooky nature that The Doctor has, thanks to his recent stint in the excellent BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere as the Marquis de Carabas, but apart from that he's also a fantastic character actor who could easily portray the authority that comes with being a 1200 year old Time Lord who runs around fighting evil. From the BBC's Sally Lockheart adaptations to a star turn as Nelson Mandela in BBC4's Mrs Mandela (alongside fellow listee Sophie Okonedo, more on her in a bit!), his resume is packed with brilliance. He's even had past Who experience as the villainous Naismith in David Tennant's swan song, The End of Time, and has presence in the US as well - increasingly important to Doctor Who considering its growing fandom across the atlantic - having played David Estes on Homeland for 2 seasons.

David doesn't have much hair, but I'm willing to let that slide.

7. Richard Madden


From one revered Nerd-show to another, Robb Stark could find a new home at the BBC. His experience on a demanding show like Game of Thrones could easily transfer over to the tough schedules of Who, and as the headstrong son of Ned he's already had that sort of 'immense responsibility on young shoulders' experience that really works well with younger Doctors. He wouldn't be the first Scottish actor to play The Doctor, either - and unlike David Tennant, he could follow in McCoy's shoes and bring more of his strong Scots accent to The Doctor. Plus, he's currently dating Jenna Louise Coleman, so we could have our first Doctor/Companion couple since Tom and Lalla back in the 70's!

Richard has some pretty awesome hair too, nice and curly - an homage to the teeth and curls of The Doctor's fourth persona, maybe? Any excuse for nice hair.

6. Chiwetel Ejiofor


Yeah, this guy. The guy who's name always gets bandied about alongside Paterson Joseph whenever The Casting Call of The Doctor (Fun not-fact: That was probably the working title for The Name of The Doctor) comes round, but there's a reason for that: Ejiofor is a remarkable actor, with a pedigree that any fine acting-person would kill for. Star of stage (he played an amazing Othello in 2007, earning him the Laurence Olivier Award) and screens both big and small, he's had previous experience with cult sci-fi thanks to his turn as the sinister yet charming - perhaps a perfect way to play his Doctor? - Operative in Serenity, but his utterly stellar CV (one dotted with many a role for the BBC too, another feather in his cap) could be polished even further by adding Doctor Twelve to his many laurels.

Our man Chiwetel doesn't have much hair to his name, but still, what he does have is nice. Floofy. I bet it's like a nice cushion. It'd go great with a Fez.

5. Sophie Okonedo


Once again, another Who alum, but that's not stopped this list - or even the show! - before, so let's not stop it for the delightful Sophie Okonedo. The Who vibes are strong with this one, with not only a role as the delightful Liz 10 in the otherwise humdrum The Beast Below, but also as the face and voice of Alison Cheney, one time companion to Richard E Grant's Ninth Doctor in the now non-canon web drama Scream of the Shalka, but she's not all Who, with an array of fantastic roles under her belt, including a career-defining turn in Hotel Rwanda, as well as a great turn as Hunter - alongside fellow list-member David Harewood - in BBC Radio 4's Neverwhere. Beauty, charm, authority, presence, Sophie has what it takes to take on the mantle of a Time Lord in spades.

On the hair front... well, hello, look at that picture! It's amazing! It's huge! A frizzy barnet to rival that of even River Song. 10/10, Ms. Okonedo!

4. Louise Brealey


It's about time a Sherlock actor made their presence known on this list! And no, it's neither of the ones you'd probably expect. A star of the stage primarily, but having made a TV-name for herself as the wonderful Molly on Sherlock, Louise should totally bring her awkward yet loveable charms to The Doctor, one who rather than zany and crazy as he has been lately, is a little more reserved and alien - yet still capable of great heroics. Now just imagine Benedict Cumberbatch as her Master. It would be spectacular. She's even an experienced writer too, so if the Moff gets tired of the day job, he could let her write one of her own episodes!

I can't really say much about Louise's hair, but it is very nice in that picture. Sort of tidy, yet slightly messy, it's a little Doctor-ish in a way.

3. Liam Cunningham


The second Game of Thrones cast member on the list, this time we've gone further to the other end of the age spectrum and nabbed our lovely Onion Knight, Ser Davos Seaworth himself. Liam's long been known for solid supporting roles, but when he's allowed to shine front and foremost - for example, such as pretty much the only great thing about Outcasts as President Tate - he's a remarkable, solid actor. At 52 he might not be so willingly action packed as recent Doctors have been, but with age comes both wisdom and a great sense of world-weariness that would be befitting of The Doctor, a character who has seen and experienced so much - and he's pretty great at intense staring, which is always welcome.

Liam's a little lacking in the hair department, but as his role as Captain Zhukov in this year's Who episode Cold War proved, he can more than make up for it with an epic beard. First beardy Doctor, let's do this!

2. Idris Elba


Another popular choice for black actors when it comes to The Doctor, Elba could definitely play a more hardened, tough Doctor compared to the more zany, happy-go-lucky incarnations of Ten and Eleven. Currently tied to the remarkable Luther (side note: you should all watch Luther), his most famous roles have all been tough, no-nonsense characters. He's just as likely to smash a Dalek's eyestalk up in a fit of dark rage as he is to talk it down with his dripping charisma. Thanks to his recent turn as Heimdall in Thor and his immensely popular Stringer Bell in The Wire, he's also got that crucial US recognition too.

Like David Harewood, Idris has little hair to call his own, but still, I'll let that slide. The short hair/goatee combo could make for a pretty badass Doctor.

1. Ben Whishaw Paul McGann


Yeah, I went there.

I was going to seriously suggest Ben Whishaw (Great actor, great hair, career taking off thanks to Skyfall, go watch him in The Hollow Crown's Richard II, also go watch The Hour), but then this idea hit me.

Eleven is regenerating at Christmas, but it's still 2013. The anniversary year. We've had The Doctor's past hammered home to us throughout Series 7B and will have done so in the 50th special, so what instead of regenerating into his Twelfth body, something goes wrong and he in fact degenerated into a previous incarnation? As wonderful as Messeres Baker T, Baker C, Davison and McCoy are, at their age they probably wouldn't be able to manage a series of strenuous production for modern Doctor Who. But Paul McGann could. Just one series, BBC. Please! Have Eight/Twelve running on borrowed time, then have the degeneration work itself out in the finalé and have the 'real' regeneration occur. It'd be a shocking twist for fans both casual and hardcore, and it'd be a fantastic way to give Paul McGann the screen-time he deserves after over a decade of diligent service to Doctor Who in audio.


Do I need to say anything about Paul McGann's hair? He looks badass both bewigged and au naturel.

But you've had enough of hearing what I say for a while. Who do you want to play The Twelfth Doctor's hair The Twelfth Doctor?