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Oh, Con Season. What fun. But my fun was in jeopardy because of the big dumb mixup with not getting my registration this year. Instead of harshing my mellow because I'd miss Nerd Camp, I was like whatev, bro— I'll hang outside around the place like a homeless creeperdude. Or actually do some "career development" and work on my neo-Plein Aire painting while hanging out around the Gaslamp Quarter and marina.


I didn't beat myself up or cancel my yearly trip to San Diego county just because I couldn't get in, so I'm taking advantage of all the free funs around the Con. I made a small list of off-site events and went at it. I threw myself into the human morass and whittled away my late afternoon by wandering and sketching in shady spots.

The boat you see is the masted ship for the Assassin's Creed game, docked out behind the convention center. I will try and do this subject again and make it thoroughly postcardian.

I have my quicky watercolor kit, aqua brushes, pencils both graphite and colored, dry panned gouache, and a big deck of cheap bristol board that I bound together with boards and canvas. I packed a little extra because I attended a drink-n-draw hosted by Trickster well after the Con closed. Pics of that forthcoming. I have many more paintings but I am without a proper scanner for now. I took more or less time on them. Just keeping myself entertained.


On a related note, I almost got a chance to sketch Charlie Jane and Annalee at a restaurant. Charlie Jane was juuust out of sightline because of a post and cramped seating. However, I did sketch her during an io9 panel in a previous year.


Makes me seem creepy huh? Like I'm trying to catch every pimple huh? Yeah, I'll own that, and I'll own the fact that some of the paintings are slapdash and it's because I forgot a camera too.

But I truly want the practice at painting fast and confidently. And it's fairly meretricious to post all this up, but dammit it's Con Season and I'm celebrating, with or without getting in. Lemons = tart ass lemon aid. And thus, urban hiking and doing landscape paintings with wildlife is how I'm sweetening the Comic-Con lemon aid, yo.


Fun times! More sketchbloggjournalbooking to come, or not. Maybe.

*apologies to whoever I painted and oggled for longer than I should have. Promise it's done in good taste. Whatever that means. No exploitation.

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