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Skyrim: Still as breathtaking as the very first time...

So I started a new character a couple of weeks back, installed a couple mods to go with the new run and set off on an (old) new adventure.

Now i've got 200+ hours clocked in on Steam (with another 50-100 i'm positive hasn't registered for whatever reason) but you know what? I still get that little quiver of excitement when I crest a hill and encompass the vista laid out before me.


Whilst not quite as intense as that first night on its day of release, my fertile imagination is simply enraptured with this game. That evening, when Steam finally unlocked the game and let me play.... folks, I dont know how to explain it but, however silly it may sound, it was an incredibly blissful moment.

Oblivion made me a fan but Skyrim made me a slave... :)

My imagination got me through a lot of tough times as a kid. When real-life sucked hard, the books, the comics, the stories were always there for me. That's the closest I can compare this game to.

I honestly dont see the flaws that other people do. I'm not denying they are there, you understand, just that I lose myself in this game, in the story so much that none that impinges on my enjoyment. Sure, there invisible walls and more than a few narrowly defined choices that sometimes grate upon your vision...but that still a pocket universe of choice that you never got from static words on a page (read-your-own adventures aside)...

Skyrim, like Oblivion before it, is just a giant mass of stories and potential that is just insane. And I get to be right in the middle of it, to the be the hero (or villian if that's your wont)! How can you simply not adore a game that makes walking down an unexplored cobble road so goddamn exciting?


Right now, I just delivered some bad news to woman after finding her dead son's body whilst exploring a cave, looking for ore to make myself a new sword. After leaving her store, I overheard two guards talking about a group of vampire hunters looking for new recruits on the far side of the realm...


How can people be blase about this stuff!?! This is storytelling magic!

Maybe computer games aren't your thing; maybe you find it hard to empathize with a digital face that might not even be human, let alone 'real'...but when your reading that book and you want to be a trader or enchanter....and vampire hunter or maybe just really want to kill a king...or become an assassin... or become an assassin to kill a king and make a bunch of funky potions along the way... just remember that you dont have to open a book to do it....and sometimes, you can change the world the way you like it.

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