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"Slaaaaaaaaaaaade!": Thoughts on Teen Titans GO! To the Movies

Slade. Slllllaaaaade. Slaaaaaaaade. Slllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddeeeeee.


So I didn’t really watch the original Teen Titans cartoon when it was on. It began when Justice League Unlimited was still going and I was just way more interesting in JLU than I was in Teen Titans. And then it was resurrected in it’s more goofier version, Teen Titans GO!, and I didn’t really watch that, either. I’ve seen a few episodes and they seemed fine, but I also know that fans of the original TT tend to hate the new TTG, probably for the same reasons people hated The Last Jedi: they thought it was going to be one thing and it turned out to be completely different.

In any case, I explain all this to essentially show that I have no bone in this race. I didn’t care about the original show and I didn’t care about the wackier revival. If I’m being honest...I was never that interested in the Teen Titans as a team in the first place. (Young Justice, on the other hand, was totes my jam — with Peter David writing it, of course.) I could take or leave them.

So, what about the movie, then? What did I think about Teen Titans GO! To the Movies? Well...it’s fucking hilarious. I didn’t need to see the original or the new show to get the jokes — because the jokes were squarely aimed at fans of comics in general and fans of superhero movies in particular. And also fans of rapid fire gags and portal jokes. And fans of a thousand Easter eggs hidden in the background. And also fans of Kristen Bell (which I am).

Like, there’s an appearance by the Challengers of the Unknown in this movie. And a joke about how obscure they are. You can see Detective Chimp in this film! In the background! THERE’S A PICTURE OF HENRY CAVILL’S MUSTACHE.


Meanwhile, this movie also contains some of the blackest comedy ever. When io9 called it Deadpool for kids, they weren’t kidding. There is a great gag involving time travel that you just have to fucking see to believe. Also: the last line of the film is one of the greatest bits of trolling I have ever seen.

Oh and there’s a mid-credits scene that will make fans of the original cartoon very, very happy.


All in all: what are you waiting for? Are you a fan of comics? Of jokes? Of cartoons that make fun of Marvel and DC and also The Lion King on top of that somehow? Then go watch this film, dammit.

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