What in Westeros is this Slate article talking about?

Jack Hamilton says [emphasis mine]:

Game of Thrones...is not like those shows [The Wire, The Sopranos. etc.]. It is about swords and sigils and dragons and frozen baby-crazed zombies and it is decidedly uninterested in transcending these trappings or ironically critiquing them.

I am not a particularly enthusiastic Game of Thrones fan, but it seems quite obvious that it constantly subverts tropes and defies our expectations of how an epic fantasy should progress.

We don't watch TV to look in a mirror, we watch it to look at something else, something prettier or crazier or just completely different. Game of Thrones creates a suspension of disbelief so immersive it feels almost childlike, some great cultural bedtime story for people who thought they were too old for such things.


I don't want to know what kind of bedtime stories this writer's mother read to him.

Seriously, what is this guy on about?