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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Sleepy Hollow Episode 5.1 "The Long Sleep"

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EDIT: This is not a real episode. Just needed to add some crazy Sleepy Hollow to my week.


When a hunter reappears in the town of Sleepy Hollow ten years after he went missing in the Catskill Mountains, Capt. Irving sends Ichabod and Lt. Mills to investigate. The hunter has no memory of being missing and believes it is still 2003. He is initially suspicious of Ichabod because Ichabod is "dressed like them." Crane and Abbie piece together the man's tale: he was hunting in the forest when he heard a voice call his name. When he found the owner of the voice, it was a man dressed in Colonial period dress. The man asked the hunter for his help in exchange for some of his liquor. The hunter assumed that the man was a moonshiner and followed him further into the forest. After helping move some barrels, the man offered up some drink and the hunter drank until he fell asleep. He awoke to find that he now had a long beard, his clothes were ruined and his gun had rusted. He returned to town to discover that ten years had passed. Ichabod immediately remembered a story about a man who had disappeared shortly before the Revolutionary War started. He consults Washington's bible and the Horseman's Head and discovers that evil faerie spirits roam the mountains, tricking people into sleeping for ten years. The spirits feed on the energy of the experiences the sleepers will miss. They are building up their power until they can leave the mountains to prepare the way for the Horsemen and Moloch. The faeries have become strong enough that they can enter the outskirts of town. Ichabod retires to Sheriff Corbin's cabin to ponder how to defeat the faeries, when he hears Katrina's voice calling him from outside. The next day,Detective Morales goes to confront Ichabod, only to discover he is in a coma like sleep outside. The hunt is on for Abbie and Jenny to find a way to break the spell and stop the faeries. As the sisters desperately search for answers in the records of Sheriff Corbin, the scene shifts to a view of a playground through some leaves. Children play happily and a voice is heard calling out names. To be continued....

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