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Sleepy Hollow MegaThread - S3, E1 - "I,Witness"

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This is the megathread for discussion of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. This thread is for discussion of Episode 1 of Season 3, “I Witness”. Be advised, there will be spoilers below. Also if you have read spoilers on I09’s Morning Spoilers please leave them out of the comments, not everyone here reads that post.


Well folks, it’s been a long wait but our favorite police leiutanant and our favorite refugee from an era where people crapped outside on a regular basis are back together to....bicker....and discuss stuff that occurred off screen.....oh yeah and that whole fighting demons thing. Overall I thought this was a good kick off to the season. It felt like a reboot of sorts which is probably wise when you consider how the last season ended. Here are a few of my thoughts on the premiere, “I, Witness”.

  • New villain Pandora takes out Headless right at the beginning. She’s quite spooky and myserious, until she goes from her gothic dress to a more modern look, then she just seems kind of ditzy. But she’s powerful enough to turn Headless into dust and locked him into some kind of magical box. I hope this isn’t long term because Headless was gone way to much last year
  • Speaking of new characters, i’ll just throw it out that as if this episode, I hate Betsy Ross. Not in a “I WANT TO KILL THAT PERSON” way but in a “You are going to be a annoying horribly written character”. When we see her in action in the 18th Century and the way Ichabod describes her, I realized they must not have known of the phrase Mary Sue in the 1700s. But she may get better, so I will keep an open mind. It just feels, right now, that the writers haven’t learned their lessons from Katrina.
  • Those are the new, but what about the old? Jenny is back on board but Irving has up and left, saying it’s for his family protection. There was no mention of Captain Reyes or Hawley which is probably for the best.
  • Abbie has fulfilled her dream of passing the Quantico training and joining the FBI and her boss is played by C Thomas Howell. They have a couple of nice scenes and play off each other well, in the same way Nichole played off Clacy Brown well in the pilot. But like Sheriff Corbin, her FBI boss is not long for this world. Of course saying things like “I like him, I bust my chops but he’s a good agent” is never a good sign.. Abbie is not, what we would call, Genre Savvy.
  • On the other hand we have Dani, a lab tech who seems quite pleased to meet Ichabod. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Although Ichabod has a bad record of making friends and them dying.
  • Visually the show looks the same. Tom has shorter hair but Nichole looks about the same. The opening hasn’t changed, aside from the new cast.
  • Nine months have passed from the end of season 2 and Abbie and Ichabod went their separate ways, she to Quantico and he to his family home in Scotland. He never calls her until he gets detained by ICE with a tablet from his family estate. There is a funny scene where he is asking Jesus for help and his bunk mate below tells him he can’t help him
  • It does seem odd that Ichabod would cut Abbie out of his life like that. I get he was affected by Katrina and Henry’s death but i felt like he had realized long ago that no matter what happened, he had Abbie and his other friends. I get that this episode is a reset but I didn’t think Ichabod needed to be reset.
  • Abbie on the other hand starts the episode in full Scully mode. She is convinced that their work as Witness is over. Ichabod tells her the tablet he found in his estate was from Sumeria, 4000 year old and is about the role of the Two Witness. Abbie on the other hand is convinced the job as Witness is done since Moloch was dead and the apocalypse averted.
  • There is some cheesy exposition dialogue at the beginning of the episode, especially when her boss tells her she’s not a sheriff anymore and that;s not how Quantico taught things. Hopefully the clunky exposition is lessened in the upcoming episodes.
  • 15 minutes go by before the opening credits. I think that is the longest i’ve seen an opening on this show.
  • Whatever else she show has, it has Tom Mison and Nichole Behari. The biggest mistake was taking several minutes for the new villain and Abbie with her FBI boss talking to a minor drug dealer about a meet where the task force they are on will take out a big drug kingpin. I know I wasn’t caring, just get to where Abbie and Icabod are togther.
  • Ichabod says that the Bible tells that the Witness must enduere 7 tribulations. I cannot find that anywhere. The Two Witnesses are in Revelation 11 but all it says is

And I will appoint my two witnesses,and they will prophesy for 1,260 days,

1260/365 = 3.5. So this means HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!

  • Ichabod in the Colonial themes restaurant is absolutely the highlight of the episode. “The corner goes in the front, you’re not a pirate” and when he sees the big head of Benajmin Franklin “At least they got something write”. It was also sad to see his reaction to the news that the building housing the archive would be torn down for a mini mall.

I think that’s a good amount of material to discuss. Overall I thought it was a good episode and I am just happy this show is back. If you have recaps or review sites you want to share or recaps/reviews you’ve done on your persona blog, put them in the comments and I will add them.


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