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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I’m back with another Sleepy Hollow recap megathread. Will Abbie and Ichabod finally reunite this week? Read on and fine out, my about to soon be spoiled friends.


We have a really solid episode this week. The focus was on Abbie and getting her back, and Nicole Behari turned in a great performance. Here are a few of my noites.

  • One thing I forgot when I first wrote this and I want to thank BehindDarkGlasses for bringing it to my attention. The very end, did anyone else think Crane was about to tell Abbie he was in love with her? I did, for a second. I think that proves that the writers are either reading fan chatter or have a feel for the fan community enough to throw a scene like that in. It felt like a good natured ribbing towards the Ichabod x Abbie folks but done in a way that didn’t feel OOC for Crane.
  • The Hidden One is putting off a real abuser vibe. I get hte feeling we’re going to learn that Pandora falling in love with him was more Stockhome Syndrome then real affection
  • For example, she sure didn’t seem to have issue with giving him her power at the end of the show. He was like “oh no please don’t oh ok since you insist SUPER SUMERIAN MODE!”.
  • So was she any different at the end? I guess she looked a little bit paler. But i was expecting her to look really old, as if it was his power giving her youth. Or have her comment on how she can feel that she has become mortal. Other than looking like she just got out of bed she seemed fine.
  • I have to give props to the design team. They took a few sets and made it feel like a vaste wasteland.
  • Since we know the cutlass was Betsy’s and Abbie escaped down the well.....HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!
  • Ok bad joke. No, this is pretty much setting up Betsy appearing in the modern world.
  • It was nice to see a Betsy flashback that Crane wasn’t involved in. I like it when a character does something different. I think seeing more of her as a character and less as a potential Crane love interest will help the audience stomach her. That said if she also stopped appearing on the show I would be ok with that.
  • I can’t say enough about Nicole’s performance. He facial expressions, and her shift in tone were so great. She showed a woman desperate to cling to sanity while trapped in this solitary confinement. When Crane first started speaking and she said “I pray that you are real” you could feel how desperate she was for that to be true. The part at the end where she was doing both sides of a conversation between her and Crane was really well done and she nailed Tom MIson’s speaking down pat.
  • I thought the 10x1 time difference was a nice twist. I hope it wasn’t just there for a DUM DUM DUMMM! dramatic affect and has some real purpose down the road.
  • I think the time difference is what will keep Betsy from making an appearance. There is nothing that says that you don’t age in that dimension.
  • I thought having Jenny steal her Dad’s lighter to use as a totem was a good way to recall that sub plot without it being ignored for the rest of the episode. I hope that now we have Abbie back that story can get some progress
  • There’s more to this episode I haven’t touched on. Team Joenny as Vulture.com calls them handled the monster of the week, a Gargoyle really well. I loved this exchance.
  • Jenny: Crane would head back to the archives. He’d pull a whole stack of books and learn everything he could about gargoyles.
    Joe: Abbie would drink a ton of coffee and find some detail and Crane would do that thing with his hands [does Crane finger] and say, “I’ve seen this before, Leftenant.”
    Jenny: He’d think of a historic detail.
    Joe: Not any history you think you know, it’d be like, “George Washington was a zombie.”
    Jenny: Ben Franklin had a demon key to purgatory.
    Sophie: And what? Jefferson was a hologram?
    Jenny: He told you about that?

It was nice to see someone else other than Crane do the exposition. This time it was Sophie but it also means we get a reminder of her past as the daughter of archaeologists. I think we’ll be seeing them dip in that well more, if only to give Tom a break from being Mr. Exposition.

Well that’s all for now. What did you all think? Discuss it in the comments below and I will see you all next week. Here are a few other recaps I found as well.


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