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Sleepy Hollow MegaThread - S3, E11 - "Kindred Spirits"

The Kindred is back and it’s looking for love. Ichabod is having issues in that department as well. It’s another week of supernatural undead wacky hijinks on Sleepy Hollow. Continue on for the spoiler filled jambori.

So this one is a bit late since it’s 10:26 CST and I just finished the episode. I had a late night last night. I had sword practice and came home late sore as hell. So I went to bed without any tv and just watched the episode this morning. So my thoughts will be not as full and vibrant as usual since I have a ton to do today. I do have a few notes and observations and I will include links to the usual recap sources.

  • “You were my Wilson”. A wonderful line that half the audience won’t get that sums up the Abbie/Ichabod relationship in a nutshell
  • I love how Abbie was annoyed that Ichabod couldn’t keep her plants from dying.
  • Plants weren’t the only thing he was neglecting as we see him and Zoe falling apart. After watching Season 1 of The Flash i’m getting tired of the “I didn’t talk to you because I was doing important world sabing/demon killing stuff but for some reason I won’t tell you that. Instead i’ll just stand here heming and hawing and looking like a douce sine I can’t explain my actions” thing.
  • “Well that was odd”. I would think after everything Ichabod has seen the Kindredd and Kindress meeting would be down at the bottom of the list.
  • If it came from anyone else, a dude berating Jenny to talk to her dad and not just ignore him because that’s what Abbie wants would be obnoxious as hell. If it came from Hawley I would give up entirely. But it works coming from Joe, since we’ve seen them build a relationship all season working together and he is a guy who genuinlly cares for her and dosen’t want to see her make the mistake he made by not talking to his dad.
  • There’s was so much this show could have done with it’s time, it decided to spend some of it on a pointless subplot showing how Betsy and Ichabod meet. Ok show, well don’t blame us for being pissed off when the end of the season comes and you can’t wrap everything up because you wasted time on this. It would be like when LOST decided that with all the mysteries left ot resolve, one of the last episodes of the show would be a good place to explain Richard’s immortality. At least she was doing some sewing so we know she can do that. Did we ever see her sew before this? I can’t remember.
  • Taking a step back, does anyone else have concerns about renewal? I haven’t been following the numbers all season but I week i saw they had a .09 with 3 million viewers and from what I was reading on the comments of the story that’s good metrics for a friday night. But it is still the Friday night kiss of death slot and Fox has a histtory of moving shows in thier send on third seaosns there, then cancelling them when the numbers drop.
  • The Hidden One is really starting to wear thin. I was willing to give him a chance since I support the idea of non Judeo-Christian mythology being used in storytelling. That’s why I liked Temple Of Doom, there were no Nazis or Biblical artifacts. That said, the actor is not doing himself any favors with his hammy performance but he’s not getting much help from the writers either. At least we learn a bit about Pandora. It seems she was a slave girl like she had told Abbie, and The Hidden One feel in love with her and shared his power with her. After she gave it back I was expecting him to do more with it. We see him convientnly kill the Kindred and Kindress (what a dumb name but Wife Of Kindredd seemed worse) with a wave of his hand watching them in the pool. So he has the power to eliminate loose ends. So why dosen’t he just do the same thing with Ichabod and Abbie? Oh and what happened with Headliess, the first one who got put in the box?
  • It was a nice moment at the end with Reynolds and Abbie. I think he will be brought into the fold soon.
  • So what was that symbol she drew in blood? And what is the deal with the Catacombs? More mysteries.

Overall a good episode. It wasn’t the strongest this season but in what has been an overall uneven season it was good.


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