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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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We get ghouls, guns and daddy issues. It’s just another day in everyone’s favorite demon haunted small New York town. Come on with me for some spoiler filled demon hunting antics.


Previously on Sleepy Hollow...

The Hidden One is pissed off no one is coming to his party, Jenny and Joe discuss her daddy issues, Reynolds and Guy Who Looks Like Ben Linus From Lost Boss discuss that Nevins guy, Randall is not a happy camper, we learn Abbie and Reynolds got their FBI freak on, and despite a year without food or drink in a barren wasteland, Abbie is so NOT insane, aside from drawing symbols in blood.


This is the first rather weak episode we’ve gotten since the return. It’s not terrible but it’s rather not superb. It had a fairly generic monster of the week. It’s got some nice performances, especially with Ncole Beheri at the end. She has a few nice scenes actually and her story line with the mysterious symbol is given some movement. We also meet a new player in the story appear. It felt like this episode was here just to move the story along to the next phase. At the same time it does have some nice character moments, good performances bu Nicole Beheri and Lydia Greenwood, and a look at what made the Sheriff the man he was when we first meet him in Season 1.

  • Pandora is sad she doesn’t have her power, she can’t sense the elements of the world anymore. Sellers remorse perhaps? He is getting stronger so he parts with a small amount, but more out of spite so she can know how he feels. Kind of a douce move really. He wants her to know his suffering.
  • So how exactly does his power work? It’s returning slowly, but how? Was that because she gave him her share? So if she hadn’t would his return gradually anyway? Is it based on the creatures coming to Sleepy Hollow? He is mad that they are coming slow and he is “existing on drops of rain rather than a flood”
  • I am calling it now, Pandora does a heel face turn before the end of the season. At worst she becomes neutral and leaves The Hidden Jackass on his own.
  • Ghost In The Machine made the great point last week that they have no chemistry on screen and I can see it. I think from his POV it’s love, from her POV she’s done what she needs to do to survive. When a god wants you in the ancient myths, especcially for women, you didn’t get much say in the matter. On top of that she was mute so she couldn’t verbalize her objection if she wanted to.
  • Is the symbol Abbie has been seeing connected to The Hidden One?
  • Last thing about The Hidden One, since this is the only scene of them in the show. We know there is at least one Angel, Orion, still out there. IIRC Abbie had a device to contact him, when she thought she might use his help to kill Abraham/Headless rather than try to save him like Ichabod wanted. Why aren’t they recruting him to help? It would seem that geting rid of a rouge ancient god would be in an angel of heaven’s best interest. Does he only care about things like fall into his purview, like the Horsemen? Or is it that the writers don’t want to deal with the backlash of a Middle Eastern diety being beaten by a Judeo-Christian angel? I would say that’s silly but this is the internet where outrage over the tiniest things is the chief export.
  • We see Nevins, the crime boss who worked with Pandora to get the Eye Of Anubis to her on the run. He gets caught pretty quickly but the FBI agents are taken out by the MOTW. I did like the editing of Nevin’s scream cutting into Ichabod singing “O sole mio” while cooking.
  • For those interested here is the full song he was singing, done by one of The Three Tenors Luciano Pavarotti. My mother is from an Italian family from Boston and I remember my grandmother always playing VHS tapes of The Three Tenors.
  • I liked Crane cooking for Abbie. It was a nice moment for the two of them and felt like something he would do for her. She declines to go to the gun range, concerned that she is rusty because of her time in the Catacombs.
  • It just do happens she runs into Reynolds there. They continue the discussion about the past that started last week but don’t go very far with it.
  • I wasn’t convinced that they would kill off one of Abbie’s two FBI allies but now I’m rethinking that. I think it would be Reynolds. if they go that route. He can go out defending Abbie, which can be a cliffhanger at the end of the season. And if it’s against Pandora/The Hidden One, he gets to see her world before he goes. They can keep Sophie as an inside source/exposition provider and set up a new dynamic with a new head of the local FBI office, like they did when Sheriff Reyes took over for Frank Irving.
  • Nevins texts Abbie and she meets him at the body of the FBI agent the monster killed. She brings him into custody and takes him to the cell. There is a nice scene where Ichabod uses one of Washington’s old interrogation techniques, and gives a really nice chicken dinner to Nevins. So George Washington invented the idea of “kill them with kindess” i guess.
  • We learn that the monster is a Mesopotamian ghall, also known as a ghoul. Nevvins tells a tale of when he was with August Corbin in Iraq in Desert Storm. They left base to track down a cave where stashed Iraqi gold was supposed to be but get attacked by the ghoul. It killed the rest of the men who came with them but Nevins and Corbin survived.That starts Corbin’s obsessions with the supernatural, wanting to know what it was that attacked them. Think the movie Three Kings with an ancient Middle Eastern demon.
  • Corbin was quite the paranoid one, having a secret compartment for files no one knew existed. “He had major trust issues” according to Nevins. According to the file the ghoul can be controlled by a Golden Scarab.
  • The Ghoul attacks two of Nevin’s old associates who break into one of his storage units. The unit has already been cleaned out and the ghoul takes them both out. When the FBI starts to investigate the team assumes Randall is using the ghoul as muscle to take over Nevin’s empire. They sneak into his base but get caught while looking at a small case. Thinking the ghoul is inside, it turns out to be just money. A second later, ghould takes out Randall and the other gangsters.
  • I can’t find a better spot for it but before I forget I want to mention the two scenes with the MIlls’s father. Both the scenes are well done and there’s a nice moment where Jennie tells Abbie she met their father and wanted her to know. Nicole has a scene with him at the end and she does a great job of showing her conflicting emotions with her facial movements, as if she doesn’t want to look at him. It’s a nice character moment for the two of them.
  • It turns out Nevins had the scarab all along. When Pandora cut out his spleen he decided to make lemons out of lemonade and use it as a smuggling place. That’s why they didn’t find it when they searched him.
  • There is a nice bit of editing. In the first flashback we see Nevins look into his bag after getting out of the cave right before rocks close out the entrance. He looks happy and we assume that is because he still has the gold. Well that wasn’t it. He tells them that he went on his own and found the scarab and creature in another part of the cave. He knew then what he had and used it to take out the others. It was the scarb he was happy to see he still had in his bag.
  • The creature shows up at the archive and Nevins gives it the scarab and leaves with the hidden Corbin files. I don’t know why he did this because all it did was give the creature, who up tyo this point had no known weakness, a target.
  • That target is the scarab and requires Abbie to make a reall precise shot at a small target on a creature moving really fast. This ties back into the scene at the range where we see her shots are all over the mark.
  • But she is Abbie Mills, badass extraordinaire and makes the shot, killing the creature.
  • This was a pretty low Ichabod screen time show but the supporting cast did a fine job carrying the weight. The scene at the end with Joe and Jenny was nice to see, I like them as a couple
  • We learn that Nevins has been working with Reynolds so far unnamed boss., He tells Reynolds to downgrade the Nevins investigation to minor resources only with Nevins in his car. Nevins gives him Corbin’s files in exchange for an envelope of money plus what has been sent to his Geneva account for his “retirement”. The files have the “coordination of the nine sacred sites” but that isn’t explained further. The un-named man then kills Nevins.
  • The show ends with Abbie offering to make Ichabod a much nicer sandwich than the “charlie brown” one he has and then deideing they would go to town to drink. She sends him ahead to get a table and goes into the back where she has the symbol on the wall. She falls to her knees and flips through a notebook of nothing but different drawings of the symbol super fast, almost Flash like speed. She looks at the symbol, arms cross and says “You saved me. I’m yours”.

Overall a decent episode as i said. Not the best but not as bad as some of the later Season 2 stuff. We’re seeing some new players show up and the story move in different directions. I hope this means less of The Hidden One. Next week the previews indicate that Satan will show up and no, this is not a Lucifer crossover.

Here, as always, are a few recaps from other sources.

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