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This week we have devils, dieties and dungeons. Abbie is forced to face her demons while Ichabod deals with some of Ben Franklin’s. Dive in for some devilious spoiler filled fun.


Previously on Sleepy Hollow...

The Hidden One is sad no one has shown for his pre-Hobbit LOTR movie marathon and Abbie is SO COMPLETLY cool after being trapped in a barren wasteland for a year. Yup, aside from worshiping a strange symbol, no side effects at all.


I LOVED this episode. We get some great acting from both Nicole and Tom, some backstory on Pandora and The Hidden One and finally some movement on their story. We also get a Hidden One win, which is something the show needed to keep this guy as a believable threat.

  • Will this be a new trend, the Go Pro POV shot? Not specific to this show, just in general. I saw that used on NCIS: New Orleans also.
  • We actually see The Hidden One outside and without Pandora. It’s been a while that he’s been out of the lair
  • “I cannot understand a word you speak”. Ok that was actually a funny line. What the hell are you doing Sleepy Hollow? Might you be making The Hidden One interesting?
  • Not a fan of that makeup job for the Devil
  • “It is time I gave the Devil his due” Please tell me i’m not the only one to have this be the first thing they thought off when they heard that line.
  • It looks like Crane’s immigration has been denied, because he missed a meeting. To be fair it was because he was trying to save Abbie from the Catacombs. I like his annoyance at eggs Benedict, a food being named after a traitor
  • Hey Abbie, I know you’re trying to be sneaky with that giant hidden symobl but maybe try putting it somewhere where people aren’t coming and going.
  • Didn’t Jennie find it odd that her sister was suggesting they both spilt an entire bottle of champagne? I don’t recall Abbie being much of a drinker.
  • I loved Abbie’s transition from happy to annoyed just as Jennie goes nback to the house.
  • The dinner scene was cute, and I loved everyone’s annoyance at Joe’s spoon on the nose trick. “That’s was Franklin’s party trick…and not always on his nose.” Damn Crane.
  • Jennie is happy to see Abbie running and back to work but can’t shake the feeling t hat she is hiding something. Crane feels the same. He suggests they try to learn more. “I’m not sure if Washington explained it but that is called spying” “You never meet Mrs. Washington” I love 18th century gossip Crane. We need more of this.
  • Abbie gets called to a case and finds two murdered professors. They have a verity of different types of wounds, indicting a “menagerie of evil”. This leads to them investigating reports of unexplained attacks that were ruled animal attacks in the Jersey woods, but it turns out are being caused by the Jersey Devil, a real life legendary creature. They do the research thing and find the devil has been reported of having many forms, including a ram and a scorpion, Abbie dryly asks if “acoustic Bon Jovi” is one of those forms, a reference that goes right over Crane’s head.
  • The investigation leads to a man named Japhet Leeds. The name is of a man involved in the actual real life legend but the backstory is different. Japhet was a contemporary and rival of Ben Franklin, who worked on an electrostatic inducer aka lightning rod, at the same time Franklin was doing his key experiments. We flashback to the past where he meets Ichabod during his apprenticeship and tries to convince him to come work for him. He is also annoyed at comments made about him in Franklin’s Almanac
  • We see the return of the Franklin alphabet. It’s used to hide a message in the Almanac about Franklin’s suspicious about Leeds.
  • It turns out Franklin’s suspicious were right. Leeds was not a scientist but an alchemist, doing experiments into augmenting humans with animal characteristics. Long story short, he’s a 18th century version of this guy.
Illustration for article titled Sleepy Hollow MegaThread - S3, E13 - Dark Mirror

That’s Shou Tucket from Fullmetal Alchemist. Don’t know him? Just know he was an alchemist working on chimeras, animals combinded with humans. Only in this case Leeds was good enough to experiment on himself, not....look just watch the anime, I can’t talk about it.

  • I liked the scene where he transformed. It was really well done.
  • Abbie and Ichabod go to where Leeds house used to be and find a Franklin stove. That’s rather odd considering the dislike Leeds had for Franklin. It turned out to be hiding a passage to Leed’s underground lab. “I went in first time”, a nice quip from Abbie.
  • The whole exploring the lab feels very season 1.
  • Abbie finds a necklace of the Catacomb symbol which causes her to flash back. When Ichabod sees her zoning out she says she is looking at a wax cylinder. This cylinder just so happens to go to a movie projector Leeds had made, complete with sound. Yes a 200 year old movie projector with audio. If you didn’t complain about holographic Thomas Jefferson you can’t complain about this.
  • The film is Leeds giving the backstory of The Hidden One and Pandora, who he is a worshiper of. This explains The Hidden One’s familiar tone he took with him when we see him talk to the Devil at the begining. Basically it’s the Hades story. The gods ruled the world in the time before history, treating humantity cruley and forcing them to serve. We see Pandora as a slave giving a drink to a god of light. Then she goes to where The Hidden One is kept, in the Catacombs Of The Dead. She gives him a flower, wanting to bring joy to him. He tells her that he must guard a box, containing all evil. It is from the one time the gods worked together, to put all evil in the box. His brother siphons evil into his Hourglass above and the box is the only thing that can kill him. With the help of other humans, Pandora opens the box in front of the god of light, killing him, However at the moment of triumph, with The Hidden One free, the other humans betray him and bind him underground for all eternity.
  • Meanwhile, Jennie has learned the professors killed had two artifacts on loan from The British Museum, a Mayan plate and Celtic mask. Since both the mask and plate were made of gold, Ichabod deduced that the Hidden one’s plan is to remake the Golden Hourglass, using the pieces of it that had been dispersed to other cultures across time. This is why he is drawing monsters to Sleepy Hollow so he can use their power for himself. Just then Leeds shows up, calling Ichabod “Franklin’s key man”.
  • I like the banter between Leeds and Icahbod. They fight but Ichabod is hit by Leed’s scorpion stinger and he leaves with his electrostatic inducer. This he needs to draw the “Fire Of The Gods”, lightning, to strike the gold that was opart of the hourglass to form the Sands Of Life”.
  • Ichabod is trying to walk Abbie through making an antidote but she is momentarily distracted by the symbol. She does snap out of it and get the antidote to him in time. But Nicole does such a great job showing how upset she is that she was distracted by this symbol.
  • They find where Leeds is doing the ritual. I like how Ichabod calls out Leeds on his bullshit. He gave his soul (metaphorical, not literal) in service to a god who Ichabod says will enslave humanity, including him. Leeds dosen’t care he just wants to best Franklin and Franklin’s apprentice will do. In the end, he dies by lighting that hits his lightning rod once Abbie hurls it through his chest.
  • “Benjamin Franklin sends his regards”. So this week we’ve had dirty joke Ichabod, gossip Ichabod and now 80s action movie one liner Ichabod. I wonder how much of this is Tom Mison given some freedom or the writers deciding to be a little bit looser with Ichabod’s dialouge.
  • It also shows that Ichabod may have been annoyed by Franklin’s arrogance and bluster but deep down cared for the man
  • Even though he died Leeds succeeded. The lightning hit the items which forms the sand but the sand vanishes. DUM DUM DUUUUUM!
  • While all this is going on we have a rather forgettable subplot about Jenniue discovering her trailer flooded after the brunch. Joe offers to use the money he got from Nevins to help update the trailer. “From blood money to flood money”. All well and good expect he goes all out and buys her a brand new trailer without telling her.

Ok dude, I’m not an expert on women. But i’m pretty sure that they would appreciate a gesture of buying them a new home if you, oh i don’t know, ASK THEM before you do it. It was especcially bad because there was a book she needed for the case which was with her stuff Joe moved to the cell. They make up in the end though, so all is well in paradise. However, “Oh can we please move past this” is NOT then the thing to say when you just stolre your girlfriends house and replaced it with a new one.

  • The episode ends with Abbie confessing how during her time in the Catacombs, where time didn’t move and the sun never went away, she could never sleep. She found the symbol on the temple wall and it became her comfort. In the lab she flashed back to that time, and spaced out, while he was dying of scoprion venom. Abbie confessed everything to Ichabod, upset that her moment of weakness might have caused his death. Another great performance from Tom and Nicole. “It is not my place to judge how one ones bears their private burden”. Another great Ichabod line.
  • However, she does ask him to not tell the others. So we’re back to Arrow/Flash logic of keeping secrets from those who should be in on said secrets. What will Ichabod say if Jennie is put in danger by one of Abbie’s symbol related moments of spaciness.
  • The Hidden One and Pandora get the hourglass and the sands. So does this mean their plan is now in motion?

So again, good episode. No Betsy, Reynolds and Sophie and that was fine. It was a nice tight story that hit all the beast well, had a good mix of humor and drama and finally moved some stories forward while giving some much needed backstory to the villians. As usual, your regular assortment of other recaps. I’ll see you all in the comments.







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