Abbie and Sophie get in touch with nature, Joe gets in touch with his wild side and Pandora aint taking no shit from no one no more. Pack the tents and the hand warmers, it’s time for some spoiler filled camping fun

Previously on Sleepy Hollow..

Reynolds and Abbie,sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Crane is no fan of ancient Catacombs symbols, no sir he don’t like them one bit. Abbie confesses she needs the Sumerian symbol 12 step program.

Another solid episode. The Hidden One finally does something and we get a lot of stuff between Abbie and Sophie which is good. Joe and Reynolds get to be bad asses as well and Pandora finally gets out of the house and goes on the offensive, which is something we haven’t seen in a while. Let’s dig into my observations for this weeks episode.

Crane is helping Abbie through symbol withdrawals through what he calls a “diet of the mind”


“A Beautiful Mind. I never should have gotten him that Netflix subscription.”

Just hope he never finds House Of Cards. He may regret the whole fighting for independence thing after he sees what the government has become.


FBI Survival exercise with Dannie for the weekend. Yup, nothing can go wrong here.

“He told you he loves you”

“Loved. Past tense”

I don’t think it’s possible to stop loving Abbie Mills once you start.

I love the scene in the rock climbing facilities with Abbie and Jennie. Lydia and Nicole work off each other so naturally, scenes with just the two of them are always gold.


No Mr. Muscle Man, the Queen Abbie Mills does not need you mansplaining how to climb thank you very much. Loved how she didn’t say anything and just messed that wall’s shit up.

On a totally different note, I love how without me adding it Word has mansplaining in its dictionary.

Did anyone else buy the tight shot trying to convince us she was on an actual cliff face? I confess I did, thinking maybe they were just throwing us into the outdoors stuff from the start.


I love Abbie ribbing Jennie about the trailer. We haven’t heard the last of that/

Meanwhile at Evil Sumerian Land the Bald One is brooding over the sink. Pandora brings good news though, she has found another piece of the box. Please don’t tell me this is going to become like the anime InuYasha where they spend all the time tracking down jewel shards, or in this case box pieces. As long as we don’t have 5 minute stretches of Abbie and Ichabod yelling each other’s names out it’ll be fine.

Did anyone else think the way she was holding the piece was kind of odd? It looked like she was on The Price Is Right and the piece was being bid on by contestants.


Doucey One shows what a supportive boyfriend he is by calling her selfish when she asks for the littlest things, like her magic box that spawns monsters. She’s not asking much dude. And of course he’s hungry again.

So what sort of god runs out of juice like this guy? My laptop has better battery life than this dude.


Anyone else catch Pandora’s subtle eye color change as she looks at the camera while he storms away after his hissy fit? Here’s one shot.

And here is another.


Meanwhile at Camp Plot Exposition. Ichabiod is using SCIENCE! To discern the secrets of the symbol necklace. Just like the dude from Pawn Stars, Crane knows a guy who can help with the symbol since he has had little progress getting any information about it. A Professor Creanston from Rochester, a master of arcane studies. Of course it’s the same weekend as the survival exercise but Abbie insists Crane go without her. Crane of course knew the Colonel Rochester and wasn’t a fan of his, rather surprised they named a city after him. Abbie snarky asks if he’s ever been to Rochester.

So why couldn’t Jennie go with him? Because she’s tracking down a mysterious Sumerian artifact that is going up for sale at an underground mystical auction. How much you want to bet it’s something non plot related and has nothing to do with Pandora’s Box or The Hidden One?

Joe and Jennie have a nice scene where he admits he did the trailer thing because he wanted to steer the boat, or the ship, or the trailer, eventually he just kills the metaphor.


The FBI survival meeting has teams of three trying to get to a point on the map in 48 hours with basic equipment but no cell phones. Robbie, one of the guides tells them the rules. I’m sure nothing will happen to him. Of course the third member of Team Abbie & Sophie has to go to Mount Sanai Hospital for Appendicitis so Reynolds steps in to fill his place. Yup, not awkward at all.

I like the moment between Sophie and Abbie, Abbie talks about Crane being what kept her sane during her time in the Catacombs and thanks Sophie for her help. Sophie tells about her parents’ disappearance and how she thinks it made her want to believe in magic and mystical dimensions in the hope of getting answers.

Meanwhile Reynolds and Robbie find a hole with writings engraved in stone on the outside in Dutch. The writing is Dutch and Robbie estimates it to be from the 1600s, from when the Dutch colonized the area. We get as POV shot coming up towards Robbie as he takes pictures to report the hole as a hazard that just misses him. We have a monster folks.


Ok not related to Sleepy Hollow but I may have to catch Lucifer when it hits Netflix. I like the idea of snarky British Satan.

Joe and Jennie are at the auction and meet a fellow acquirer of magic crap that Jennie knows. Once again, the Corbin name has a reputation in the magic underworld. The item is revealed and sure enough it’s a piece of the box.


I love how there is no buildup to the attack, they’re just standing around setting up camp, the guide is whittling a spear and then OMG ROLFPAWN! Reynolds is of course gone so he can avoid seeing the demon. And of course the emergency sat phone broke. THIS VACATION IS GETTING WORSE BY THE DAY. Being trained FBI investigators, they have no issue stabilizing a man attacked by a demon and making a stretcher to carry him outside of the woods on.

Sophie is able to translate the Dutch writings from the well in the pictures on Robbie’s camera. The markings say Verslinder, “he who devours”

Abbie gets the great plan to sneak off and fight it alone, convincing Reynolds to go on ahead while she rests. She has a moment of symbol (seriously, we need a better name for this thing) induced flashbacks but snaps out of it just in time to react to the monster. She hacks its arm but it regenerates because of course it does. They fight more, Sophie comes back to save Abbie and be awesome and we have a call back to a joke about how all she did for Crane was make a funny face the whole time. Cute moment.


Pet Peeve: Why does everyone stare at a monster while it regenerates? I would think that would be the perfect time to attack while its energy is focused on regeneration.

So they return and discuss the monster, how it must have been sealed in the well for being immortal and Sophie says she translated another phrase from the well “It has no end”. She once again try to convince Abbie to let Reynolds know what’s going on. They go find an abandoned cabin which for a second I thought might be the hideout Headless and Henry had in S2 but no luck.

Once again, plot convenience kicks in with Reynolds taking charge and deciding to solo the 6 mile trek back to find help. This whole scene is about Reynolds and Abbie, He thinks Abbie doesn’t have room for “supporting players” and implies taking her back wasn’t necessarily his idea but can’t say more. Frankly I wanted to smack Reynolds in this scene. But I’m biased for Abbie


We go back to the auction for the Box piece. The bidding goes up slowly until Joe grabs the phone and puts in a $1,000,000 bid, his steering the boat. They win the box piece. Joe looks into it and has a reaction, making his eyes go full white.

Meanwhile at Camp EvilGodCo, Pandora feels her box crying for mommy to save it from those mean mortals.

So here we have the first of two major plot conveniences. In this abandoned cabin there is a journal from an English trapper in 1650.It describes how he and his brother go to a Dutch trading post which had been attacked by the Verslinder. They were paid to dispose of it, and on their way to a deep pit to dispose of it but his bro gets too close to the cage and is attacked and scratched. He gets sick and died and becomes a monster. Long story short it’s a zombie maker that uses its worms to make zombies. That’s what “it has no end” means. Of course now Robbie decides to join the party. It’s just convenient that there is a book explaining everything goes on in an abandoned cabin the middle of the woods.


Ok so since I’m running long I’ll summarize the monster story. The girls figure out they need to kill the moan creature to save Robbie which means using medicine to kill the worms and the bacterial infection. Abbie gets the idea to use local herbs and plants to make penicillin, something she picked up while in the Catacombs.

Joe and Jennie gets held at gunpoint by Jennie’s old underworld friend but Pandora shows up to take the box piece. Luckily the other guy takes a shot at her and in the few seconds it takes for her to Vader on his ass they escape.

We cut away from both stories to the expert of magical artifacts. He is shocked by the symbol. It’s bronze but older than the Bronze Age. And it turns out, is two pieces connected together like magnets which causes it to omit energy. Ichabod flashes back to the tablet from his family home in Scotland that he showed Abbie earlier in the season. In the second case of plot convenience he just happens to have the tablet with him. It comes apart and there’s a place for each half of the symbol. The causes Ichabod to have a vision of Abbie fighting the monster, He knows she is trouble but doesn’t know where.


Jennie and Joe get caught by Pandora and Joe tries to throw the box at her but it reveals him as creature of darkness and he starts to transform into the Wendigo. Pandora tries to get him to hand the Box over but he scratches her arm and forces her to retreat. After that he goes back to normal

The girls split up to fight the monster and after a fight Crane has a Big Damm Hero moment. He tells of how the symbols meeting the b=tablet gave him a vision of where to go Abbie tells Sophie that the supernatural brought a lot of good people into her life not just Crane. She thought she was succumbing into darkness, tormenting her but it was here to help. The less is that the things we think will hurt us will actually save us.

Back at HQ, we learn Robbie will be fine. Abbie confesses to Reynolds that while she has a good life she doesn’t have what they had. This conversation scared her but she confesses to never thinking of them in the past tense and never will. She tells the truth about her feelings but still nothing about her job as BadAss Demon Slayer. Joe expresses concern to Jennie about the Wendigo being inside him but she isn’t worried and believes that Joe will keep it in control and that she trusts him. The episode ends with The Hidden One decideining to take matters into his own hands and kill the Witnesses, disappearing in a flash of light as Pandora watches from the pool.


I know I had a lot this week but there was a lot of good stuff in this episode. The theme of the story, in my opinion, was Abbie finding her way back, and we saw a lot of great moments with Nicole tonight. I can’t wait for next Friday when The Bald One (I’m making up new names for him every time I do this, get used to it) finally gets off the pot and does some godly shit. I’ll be back then for another recap, for now here is your usual assortment of links to other recommended recaps.