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Here is your slightly late Sleepy Hollow recap. I wasn’t sure I was even going to do one for a few reasons. But I figured better late than never, so dig in for spoiler filled discussion.

So guys, I’m going to be frank. The reasons why this week’s recap is so late is because I found it hard to work up the energy to write it. I couldn’t find the energy because this episode was disappointing. Not necessarily bad, per say. Tom and Nicole were solid, the effects were good and there was a good amount of humor. I liked the interaction between Tom and Peter Mensah who plays The Hidden One. My issues with this episode go beyond the individual story. It’s a feeling of disappointment, of feeling that with three episodes left, we are back to where we were at the beginning. And for a show on the bubble like this one is, that’s not good.


First off, let’s cover the plot. It was a pretty simple two prong story. We had a monster, and we had the attack of The Hidden One on Ichabod at the archive.

The monster was a banshee, a female demon that kills with her scream. She kills three dudes at their band practice. One of them was an FBI agent which leads to Sophie’s involvement and that brings Abbie on to the case. They try to capture it because they need it for the other plot, but unfortunately it dies. It wasn’t that important since they have Joe-Digo to fulfill the monster related plot device.

The second story has Chocolate Picard letting out 4,000 years of pent up rage on Ichabod’s pasty British ass. It’s….not that impressive. He send Ichabod slamming against a shelf and is about to hurl some CGI at him when the necklace flies towards him. It turns out the symbol Ichabod has been examining is called The Emblem of Thura and it was used to hold him trapped long ago. This time however, if he remains trapped he’ll destroy the world. As Pandora explains…


They are going to try to use a piece of the Box to suck out the power of the banshee to break the barrier but unfortunately it gets killed. So they use Wendi-Joe, and it works. Emblem is toast and so are the tablets, Joe seems to be crappy CGI monster free and our villains have retreated back to Castle Greyskull to yell impotently at the sink, with a piece of the Box. Oh but not before Crane uses the tablets remote viewing ability to do some Palantiar bullshit so Spartacus’s sensei can learn that Pandora knew what the emblem was and didn’t tell him. Worst…God…Ever. We will get to more of that later. Let’s start with what worked.


The Good

Ok, I promised myself if I was going to write this and post it late, it would not be all negative. There were some good things in this episode.


Ichabod and Abbie’s scene at the beginning was cute. He was annoyed she got him the wrong kind of pastry, only because he was using the emblem to remotely monitor her despite promising they wouldn’t do that. It was a nice comedic scene that also touched on the importance of trust between teammates.

I liked the scene with the dad band that got taken out by the banshee at the start. There was a funny part where one guy starts shredding and the other two don’t like it.


We talked about this, Kyle. If you want to shred, you’re in the wrong band. Post-punk indie rock is what we all agreed on.

Screw it! I have kettle bell class in the a.m.

Can we just have one practice where you don’t quit the band, Kyle?

Maybe it’s just me but anytime you can work in kettle bell class in your script, I’m ok with it.


I liked the scenes with Jenny and Joe where Joe gets the Wendigo out and Jenny admits she loves him. Those were nice moments.


I also thought the banter between The Hidden One and Ichabod was really well done. The discussion of art and its purpose for humanity vs Hidden’s needs to be worshiped

take it you’re not a reader?


Then you deny yourself the glorious gift of discovery.

Useless pablum to entertain lesser beings.

(jazz plays) Listen... Duke Ellington. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Miles Davis, the artist formerly known as Prince, the political passion of Bob Dylan and Nina Simone, the poetry of Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare’s sonnets, odes by Yeats. The works of Austen, Dostoyevsky, Morrison, Ta-Nehisi Coates... Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo... Picasso! The fearless lens of Diane Arbus, and the sublime squiggle of Charles M. Schulz. What you call pablum is, in fact, inspiration, and it is forged in the enduring soul of humanity. You may know everything... but you understand nothing.

Do not lecture me on art. For millennia, it has been created to celebrate my glory by those who worship me.

What have you given in return for their fealty? After all, what is a god without worshippers?


This was a good scene where Tom and Peter play off each other well. However, that leads into the bad.

The Bad.

The Hidden One had a chance to shine here. He had time alone with Crane, to elevate his character beyond the generic Evil McVillianPants guy he has been up to this point. I don’t blame Peter for this. I found a video of him in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena where he played the gladiator trainer. In the scenes they showed he had passion and energy. He certainly did not look as bored and bland as he does here.

I don’t know if it’s the writing or the directing. I think there is a great performance that is hidden away (no pun intended) that isn’t showing on screen either through the script or the direction. It doesn’t help when your character has a moment to shine but is wasted. The ultimate issue however, is that the show promised a god but then realized they had to deliver a god. If they let this guy go full balls to the walls, then the Witnesses are done for. There is no explained reason why he can’t do what he did with the Kindred to them. So they have to come up with artificial reasons to restrict Hidden’s power. Which should not be possible since he is a God. He claims to be omnipotent and he doesn’t strike me as the type to lie about his abilities. So if he really is omnipotent, eh would know everything his enemies have planned. He should have known they had the Emblem and what it was. This is why they had to do all the stuff with him trying to get his power back, which makes no sense. If he is a god, then he simply is. To make matters worse, he and Pandora end up back at the lair to have words about her deception after the barrier caused by the emblem is down. So why doesn’t he beam back in, quickly kill them and beam out to have his chat with Pandora? Need a quick cup of Joe to refill those godly powers?


When I was watching this, it felt like the episode of LOST where we learn Richard’s backstory. We learn why he looks the same no matter what year it is and what he role is with The Others, Jacob and his role comapred to Ben Linus. However, this episode came in the last season where the show would have been better spent giving us answers to the mysteries it haad set up. It was a good episode but came way to late. That is what this feels like. By itself it’s not a terrible story. But it comes way to late, when we are at a point of not caring.


Ok so we have three episodes left. The preview for next week promises some more Betsy Ross (yay), Hidden getting stronger, Abbie working on her issues with Reynolds and Jenny working on issues with her dad. I think the season is not a lost cause. But I’m hoping we see some movement towards a climax soon and for our villains to actually do something. Either way I’ll still be watching and recapping, hopefully getting them done on time. So what do you guys think? Am I completely off base? Let me know in the comments.

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