Maybe I was too hasty to write this show off last week, this week we got a reminder of what makes this show so good. So raise your freak flag high, but don’t disturb the tar monster, it’s time for spoilerific Sleepy Hollow talk

Previously on Sleepy Hollow…

We get a reminder of Abbie’s Catacomb days, Jennie is not on board with the whole reconnecting to dad plan, Pandora’s been keeping secrets, Crane had a thing with the crazy flag lady and Reynolds wants to reopen a cold case…in Abbie’s pants.

We start off in Camp EvilGod. Hidden is lamenting his failures in leadership, admitting his fault for letting Pandora get to familiar and treating her like household pet. This is due to him learning how she knew the Witnesses had the Emblem, his one weakness. He tells her that he will have to start giving scraps off the table, and how his long slumber made him forget the deviousness of humans. Pandora responds…well by continuing to drown in the magic skrying pool.

Good thing she’s not a cat....not sure where that came from so don’t ask


He lets her up and she pleads that she recognized her error and enlisted the help of Team Revolutionary War to free him from the barrier. This is the only reason she is still alive. He tells her to clean her self up and that the punishment may continue but for now he is weary. Hell, I can’t really make fun of this. I am a Christian and our religion says God slept on the 7th day, so I’ll give evil Sumerian god a break here. Pandora looks intensely at the hourglass he got last episodes, as the sands fall slowly to the bottom.

As this is happening Abbie and Jenny break their fast, Sorry, have breakfast. I’m wearing my peasant outfit today….ok that needs context. I am taking part in a medieval fair next weekend with the sword fighting club I am part off and today is my dress rehearsal of fighting while in costume,. So I will try not to slip in any medieval sayings to much me’ lord....dammit!

Anyway they have breakfast and it turns out exile to an ancient Sumerian alternate dimension is a great way to kick the caffeine habit. Jenny snarky says she might go to break her diet soda addiction. There is a knock on the door and its Daddy Mills. He was passing through and wanted to stop by to say hi and give the girls a photo album. Jennie is not thrilled by it.


Remember the ghood times before i up and left you two with your crazy mom? Good times

She drops some snarky comments as they look at photos and try to take a walk down memory lane. Yeah, Jennie isn’t buying it, and there is a tension moment as her dad talks about their relationship. Things get tense so thank god there is an out of his time 18th century guy to lighten the mood, declaring the reign of the king of burgers has come to an end and a new fast food king is here, a farm in Kentucky run by a Coloneil.

Meanwhile in the Masonic U-Store-It, Crane comes across a popular Internet streaming radio service that chews up my phone data like PacMan eats the undead…not wait it’s a famous charm bracelet that’s only sold at Jared….oh dam wrong again, it’s actually our “villain”, though at this point she seems to be serving herself rather than Baldy. She is rummaging through the storage room trying to find the Box, when Crane comes across her.


Would you believe i’m here to read the meter?

She asks to see Abbie, since she will confirm her story but Crane declines. She explains that the Box was created by the gods to hold their power (why?) and like the One Ring, can only be destroyed where it was made, the Catacombs. Pandora laments that with the death of the Tree of Fear the path is gone but Crane recalls Betsy Ross’s sword being there and that she must have discovered a way.

Abbie and Reynolds have a cute flirting scene at the gym. Abbie admits that she has something to tell him and there is never the right place, and just then the plot device text comes in from Crane. Abbie says has to go. Reynolds understands, and finishes her sentence for her about how they will talk when she is ready.


Back at The Archives, Crane fills Abbie in. The Hidden One is close to full power and in 48 hours he will be powerful enough to destroy all humanity. So how powerful was he when he killed the Kindred? Or when he beamed into the Archive? DRAGONBALL Z POWER LEVELS MAKE MORE SENSE THAN THIS GUY!

Anyway he tells her about his encounter with Pandora and what she tells him about the Box needing to be regenerated at the Catacombs. Abbie is naturally not thrilled with the idea of trusting their enemy again and points out she only did it to save Crane. This time, he says it will be to save everyone. She reminds him there is no way back to the Catacombs. He reminds her that Paul Revere got the Eye of Providence for Washington which was in the Catacombs according to Pandora and that they know Betsy Ross had been there at one time and discerned a way out. The last time Revere and Ross were together was Christmas Day, 1776, where Washington was preparing a sneak attack against the Hessians. Yes folks, The Crossing of the Delaware. Chalk that up to another historical event Crane was witness for. He remembers there was a fog that appeared as the boats left and Abbie speculates it was mystical in nature. Crane was annoyed that he was asked to stay behind but Abbie comments that he was probably asked because Washington knew he was going to the Catacombs, They then look at the mural of the Crossing that is conveniently in the archive.


What I want to know is HOW Joe got peanut butter up here in the first place?

The Scooby Gang together, we get some backstory. The paining was made by Emanuel Leutze who painted it 80 years later based on a journal by General John Sullivan. Sullivan was a Mason and Crane believes he would have left clues for future Masons to find. After some examination while wearing a Ghostbusters prop, he notices the hat one of the soldiers is wearing is Betsy Ross’s, he’s 100% certain of this. He speculates that the painter assumed that the journal report was discussing a crew of all males, but Betsy must have been with Washington.


We get a flashback to the war. Ichabod is complaining to Betsy that he is not involved in what he calls a bold and brilliant move to sneak up on the Hessians across the Delaware. Betsy says that Washington must feel Crane is too valuable to risk but Crane is not happy. He asks if she was invited and she says no, but with a pause. She says he asked her to make a flag. Ichabod compliments her on the work, noticing the use of gold thread for a simmer effect. This part in particular I thought was a nice moment,

I daresay, if all goes well today, this may very well be how I’m remembered. After all the missions, this flag may be my greatest accomplishment. Betsy, I’m certain you are wrong there. And even if it were... really is beautiful.

The flag has the same number of stars as there are fans who like her performance


Back at the Archive, Crane comments that she must have lied about going on the mission, clearly annoyed. Joe says she must have done it to keep him from worrying. They determine that the flag itself isn’t important but the gold thread is. Abbie recalls them using the Lydian Jug to find her and how in the Orpheus legend he used a gold string on his lyre to get into the Underworld. Thusly the gold thread is needed which is why she used it, according to Ichabod something that was normally too baroque for her taste. The flag was last seen by Crane with Paul Revere so it’s time for a trip to Boston.

Ok everyone, in case you are wondering, this is not the Paul Revere house. I grew up in Maine and visited Boston many times and I’ve been to the Paul Revere house many times. This is what the show Paul Revere House looks like.


Here is real life Paul Revere House.


As you can see, it’s more downtown city and less back country road. Maybe i’ll do a Talk It Out for Monday for worst cases of using one location for another. They didn’t even try to make it look right here.

I did like this scene with the tour guide and Ichabod.

You’ll find that most of the rooms are exactly as Revere left them, virtually untouched, and we’ve actually been getting more visitors these days. Mostly Hamilton fans hoping to recognize stuff from the musical. (chuckles) Have you seen it?


A musical about Alexander Hamilton? Unbelievable. The man had a voice like a stuck goat. Seriously, that’s why he wrote so many pamphlets. No one could bare to listen to him speak.

AS the tour guide clears the exhibit, Icahbod comments that her father seemed well and was happy to see them reconcile. She admits that she is more open to reconciliation than Jenny. But she is also more open to change which is why she is going to tell Danny about her secret life in the hope that it will open the possibility of more between them.

They find the flag hanging over a mantel. It’s got several burn marks. Ichabod notices immediately that it’s not Betsy’s he notices a difference in the stitching. As Abbie flips it smoke comes out of the fireplace it’s hanging over. They go downstairs and find the smithy has been turned on. The guide can’t turn it off. Thing is the smoke isn’t coming from the smithy it’s coming from the very hot walls. As Abbie feels the wall, an arm burst through an open window and a skeleton dressed in Revolutionary War garb Kool Aid Mans his way through. *sigh* yes we have a MIOTW, and this episode was doing fine without one.


I’m just going to quote from the transcript to explain what the MOTW does.

What was that thing? I recognized the garments it was wearing. It was the uniform of the 8th Virginia Regiment. Now, most of the 8th Regiment was killed during the Battle of Monmouth, but some defied orders and escaped. Now... there was an entry in Franklin’s notebook. After Washington captured one of the deserters, the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart tarred and bandaged the prisoner using infernal materials, thus transforming him into a creature known as the Eternal Soldier. Revere must have assigned him to protect Betsy’s flag, and when we attempted to remove it, the Soldier was awoken. Except that wasn’t the actual flag. At some point in history, someone replaced it with a fake. Someone who knew how to get around the Soldier. Well, unlike said person, we have roused the beast, and in doing so, I fear we may have painted the proverbial target upon our backs. The creature will not rest until he hunts us down. So, not only do we need to find the real flag, we need to do so without being roasted by an overheated guard. Yes. And we’re running out of time.

Back at Scooby HQ Joe and Jennie are looking for details on the Orpheus legend but she’s looking up a taffee store her dad used to get stuff for them from. She talks about her issues forgiving her father with Joe. She finds it weird, them sitting together looking a pictures like a family. Joe says that at least the guy is trying. They go back to work and decide to examine the flag pictures hoping for a clue. They notice the holes are symmetrical and identical, meaning they were put there on purpose. IN another use of American history, we learn that the flag has stripes so it can be used as sheet music. The holes correspond to notes on a scale and they learn those notes are the notes from The Star Spangled Banner, written by Francis Scott Key, decades after the war. Key was, OF COURSE! A Mason. I think it’s as easy to become a Mason in this universe as it is to become a Sam’s Club member in ours.


Anyway, being a Mason he would know of the Eternal Solder and how to avoid it. During the War of 1812 he must have moved the flag so the British couldn’t get it. The kicker is the line “Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.” Key wrote that at Fort McHenry so time for another road trip. Unfortunately, they get caught by a rather annoyed Reynolds who has learned about their Boston shenanigans. But before he can lecture Abbie the MOTW shows up. I got to give Danny credit, he holds his ground and tries to talk down a creature with no skin and a skull. That’s badass. Once it starts throwing fire and taking bullets with no affect they decide to retreat and drive away, Danny in tow. This is how Danny learns about the secrets of Sleepy Hollow. He finally is “read in” to what they are doing. She says she will drop him off since it’s only after them. I love her deadpan reaction “That’s sounds dangerous”

We cut away from the action to EvilDietyLair. Hidden is displeased than Pandora has not brought him more sacrifices for the Hourglass. I guess it needs them to be replenished or something, look I’ve stopped caring and I’m commenting on this stuff because I like being thorough. All 5 of you who read this should appreciate it. :P Anyway she’s not going to take it anymore, she thought she was going to rule with him as an equal and not as a slave.

You can’t fire me, I quit!


The Witnesses are stronger because they have each other, power of friendship, power of love trope activated. Hidden does his best Palpatine and blasts her with Force Lightning but it turns out it’s her astral form.

I saw this used in a movie once. I think it was Casablanca.

I guess she took that feat when she leveled since that might have been handy to use against the Witnesses earlier in the season. Whatever, done caring. He declares that at sundown tomorrow he will be the one true God and she will die with the humans.


Back at FBILand Reynolds talks about what happened with Sophie and she confesses she was already part of it. He asks why he didn’t tell her and she, quite right I add, mentions that discussing Abbie being trapped in a hell dimension would not have looked good on her quarterly reports. There are responsibilities once you get pulled into this world. It was nice to see that he had someone who was as lost as to everything goes on as he was.

Team Witness arrives in Baltimore. Abbie is unhappy of how Danny learned about her second job, but Ichabod reminds her that he is strong and will be fine. He comments that life rarely responds to one’s plans. That is made clear by a flashback to right after the Crossing with the men returning from the battle. Betsy is not there and she left a note to be given when the boards returned.


My dearest Crane, Why is it there is always so much to say when there is so little time? You see, I am leaving, and I fear I will never see you again. Do not attempt to find me. Where I go, I go of my own accord, and I am at peace with the future that awaits, but know that I curse myself for not being strong enough to bid you farewell in person. For I have never been one who can bear saying good-bye to someone I love. So be strong for both of us. As always, I shall count on that. With affection, Betsy Ross.

Awwww, Ichabod has a sad. But they must move forward. Abbie asks why there is a 42 foot statue of Orpheus there.

What, they don’t have giant statues dedicated to Greek mythological heroes on military bases where you live?

They find a lyre engraved on the base and after outing in the notes from the flag a door opens to an underground room. There is the flag! But UH OH! Tar Monster is there also! But Jennie freezes him and Joe kills him with a hammer, declaring that to be “science”. Good job at quoting tired internet memes Joe. You should work for Gawker media.


We close things out with reconciliation and the next step of the story. Abbie talks to Reynolds. They have a drink and a talk. More accurately Abbie has a talk.

For the longest time, I told myself that I couldn’t let anything happen between us because of this responsibility that comes before anything else, but that was just an excuse. Uh, the funny thing is, I thought that once you knew the truth about the craziness of my world, that I would be relieved. I thought, I won’t have to hide anything from him anymore. But now you know and... I’m still scared, because it’s no longer about the monsters or the supernatural or anything else. It’s just, it’s just about, um, you and me. You and me. I thought I knew what that was, but now I really don’t know what’s what.

I like how Reynold’s knows Crane isn’t normal but his first guest is that he’s a ghost. I guess it makes more sense than the truth,

Ezra drops by Jennie’s trailer…


No not that one. I wish. No it’s her dad, there to try and make amends with some delicious taffy. It’s a sweet scene and a nice call back to the earlier scene with her and Joe. I like how when she asked him why he did it, his answer was simply “Because you opened the door”

We end with Crane and Abbie sitting outside “By the dawn’s early light” Like the flag was more than just a symbol of the young nation, so is the anthem. A hologram shows of the path Washington took. It’s time to go to the Catacombs.

Guys, I loved this episode. It felt as if the writers knew what they were doing wrong and made a course correction, In this case it was a simple as having Abbie and Ichabod together working on the same goal. The strength of this show has always been Tom Mison and Nichile Beheri and they got some nice moments this week. Not going to do additional recaps this week since It took so long to get this posted as it is. We only got two more episodes left but I’m hopeful they can ride the wave to end the season on a strong note.