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Sleepy Hollow MegaThread - S3, E17 - "Deleware"

This is going to be different this week folks. I am doing a megathread post before I’ve even seen the episode. This is because I don’t know when I will get to it. More details below, as well as possible spoilrs in the comments and blurbs of other articles.

This weekend I am taking part in the Midevil Fair in Norman, Oklahoma. I am with the TriPoint Sparring Association. We are working in conjunction with the International Fantasy Gaming Society ir IFGS, a LARPing group to provide a space for people to do sword fights with our home made non lethal swords. It’s one of the big events for the organization and how we get our money for repairing and making new weapons and things of that nature.


This will be going on all weekend. I was there all day today. I am sunburned, tired and sore. I popped pills and am about to hit the sack. However, I felt bad just abandoning my duties to the O-Deck. It may sound silly but I made an obligation when I agreed to do this megathreads. I try to do as good a job as I can to recap the episode in a funny and entertaining way. However, sometimes I can’t and I would at least like to give you guys a space to talk about the show.

So that is what this is. Just a space to talk along with a few other recaps I’ve found. I will pop in and reply once i’ve seen the show to the comments. I’ve already spoiled myself reading other recaps to post so i’m not worried abot that. Frankly I’m kind of glad I didn’t see it. It sounds like some stuff would have pissed me off.

I have the fair all weekend and then Wrestlemania Sunday evening. So i am unsure of when i will get to the episode. But i will and i’ll chat with you guys about it then.



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