I know i normally use a picture from the episode we are discussing. However considering the way this season, and possibly series ended, I wanted to look back on happier times. As always, spoilers beyond.

I’m just going to come right out and say it. This was shit.

This ending....arghh! I am understanding how the fans of TWD and Arrow felt. This feels like work done by a show runner who has never taken the time to understand the show he is running or simply doesn’t care. The “threat” of Hidden is over with in about 20 minutes, then Pandora turns heel, Headless’s music drops and he gets a huge pop from the audience as he runs down to the ring....oh wait, you mean this is a tv drama and not a wrestling program? Funny, it sure seemed like it was being booked the same way you book a WWE PPV.

I’ll try to be positive to kick things off. I loved this scene.

Crane has lapped Abbie in pop culture. I love it. This moment when they use the box on Worst...God...Ever was a nice moment as well.


We have yet another great episode by Nicole and Tom. Lyndie Greenwood did good with what little she had to do.

That’s not the problem. The problem is the story and how they end it.

So where to start? I suppose I could recap the plot of this lovely finale. But let’s be honest with ourselves, does anyone really care about Hidden or Pandora. Once the Box was back in play and fully charged, Hidden was zapped of all power. Jenny did get to put a bullet in him as payback for what he did to Joe last week. I love Jenny. Lyndie had another great week. I could feel her pain when she had to tell Ichabod and Abbie about Joe.


It turns out that of course, Pandora was using them for her own gains and has now become a goddess because.....reasons. I honestly don’t care. I feel bad for Shannyn Sossamon. She was actually given some material to work with here and if she had been allowed to be the villain from the beginning it might have help. But at this point I can’t care.

Pandora is ultimately defeated by someone we thought we would never see again. And if you’re like me and reading I09's Morning Spoilers, you were pretty confident you would not see again since it was reported before the season started he would be not appear. I am referring to Headless, or Death as he is called. Oddly, never refereed to as Abraham. That cannot be an accident, trying to get us to forget better seasons perhaps.

Crane gives Headless his skull to increase his power far more than it was when Pandora encountered him in the first episode. Since Moloch is dead it will no longer cause the end time. How convenient. Headless decides to team up with Ichabod this one time and despite being a goddess, a headless dude on a horse with an ax is giving Pandora a lot of trouble. In the end they beat and kill her for reasons and Headless decides not to kill his sworn enemy and the one who murdered the woman he loved, simply because he asked nicely.


Of course we can’t forget about Betsy. They found her in the catacombs at the end of “Deleware”. Ichabod is insistent that they not tell her about the future since the well that brought Abbie back will return her to her own time period and they can’t risk contaminating the future. That’s an interesting story idea which means it will go nowhere and be a complete waste of time. We get a Betsy pinning for Ichabod moment and then she leaves, to never be seen again. Nicki Reed continues to employ a bold strategy of not displaying emotions or doing that new fangled “acting”.

It does explain why Betsy never looked for him agan after the Crossing Of The Deleware. It’s also the first of many times where someone tells Crane he’s in love with Abbie.


Ultimately the meat of the episode and what gets the most focus is Abbie. They do the box regeneration incantation and while it makes the box whole, it doesn’t look quite the same.


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Basically if Pandora doesn’t mention something, it’s probably going to screw with you. The box grabs Abbie with it’s mystical tendrils and after she breaks free it looks like it’s supposed it. Crane knows then and there what has happened and promises to fix it once they deal with Pandora and Hidden. They get it done but before she dies and the box calls Kabloo-ie, she droops the truth. Abbie is gone, dead, not just stuck in the box like Headless was. After she drops the truth the box starts to glow and is gong to explode again. He takes it away and gets knocked out. He wakes up in the jail cell where he was taken in S1. Abbie is there and she lets him out so they can have their final talk.


That old friend was August Corbin. They did get Clancy Brown to come back which was nice. And after they talk for a bit in a restaurant we see Joe appear at the bar and August tells her he’s going to buy his son a drink. It was a nice moment but dosen’t make up for the pointless killing of Joe last week.


The episode ends with Jenny dropping Crane at the cemetery to talk to Abbie’s grave while she travels to the Coorbin cabvin to spread Joe’s ashes. Crane gives a nice speech, updating Abbie on what has happened since she passed.

Ezra shows up and he explains that Abbie is not gone, well she is but she isn’t. The references to Eternal Soul that we’ve seen pop up mean that Abbie is gone but the soul of the Witness passes down to the extended bloodline. Would this be Jenny? We don’t find out. Based on what he learned from Betsy Ross after he return, Washington formed a secret organization and well, i’ll just let Exposition-Bot Ezra Mills deliver the news.


So as if the Masons being a secret organization founded by the American Founding Father’s was not enough, now we get these guys. The episode ends with men in black in black cars rolling up and out walks Reynolds boss, Jack Walters, who asks Crane to come with them to speak to some folks in D.C. He agrees and as he gets in the car he looks out and declares that no matter where she is, he will find her.

I normally don’t quote large chunks of another recap or review but A.V Club’s Zack Handlen sums up my feelings a lot more precisely than I could.


In the end, if we get S4 does it matter? The new show-runner has shown a complete lack of caring about what makes this show good. I know there have been reports that Nicole Beharie wanted to get out of her contract and move on.


Even so, if they knew that was a chance, they had time to set things up so that this didn’t feel like a complete kick in the ass. The plan to completely remove the main villain for an entire season just to have him appear for one scene and then leave without confronting Ichabod was a sign that the new PTB wanted to scrap all that made this show good in the first season and if that meant Nicole, then so be it. Do they think Crane and some other random woman can carry the weight? If it was someone we knew and had connection to , then maybe. Will it be Jenny? Ezra said extended bloodline but I can’t think of who else it might be. Abbie doesn’t have a kid. I pray Jenny didn’t get pregnant by Joe and the next season is about protecting a Witness baby to grow into it’s destiny or some shit like that.

Also, we have everyone basically telling Ichabod that he loves Abbie but he won’t say it himself. At one point it looks like he might but then he says “I shall miss you” instead. It’s right at the end before he wakes up from the box explosion. I saw that and I heard the sound of a million shippers wailing in frustration. I can’t say I blame them. There were several moments through the season that felt there simply to troll shippers. And it isn’t even as if there was something canon to use against it. Reynolds was there but he was pretty much useless. She didn’t even mention him to Crane in their last moment. Of course when she discussed Crane’s past she mentioned Betsy but not his actual wife.


No matter what happens, the season has come to an end and probably about time. I had hopes at the beginning. A new showrunner, a fresh start, new characters who didn’t mean much in the end. Reynolds and Sophie were sure super important in the final battle weren’t they. How did this show make fighting gods boring? Somehow it did.

I don’t know if I will return to recaping and megathreading it if it returns. So I will end this by thanking all of you who have read these throughout the season. I know I haven’t always been on time but I know i’ve always had a group who have read and commented and for that I thank you. If the show returns I might return doing these. If not, then i’ll see you around the O-Deck.