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Sleepy Hollow MegaThread - S3, E2 - "Whispers In The Dark"

Welcome to the O-Deck MegaThread for Episode 2 of Sleepy Hollow, “Whispers In The Dark” Going forward I will use a scene from the previous weeks episode in the preview so look for that. And as always, spoilers after the break.

Previously on Sleepy Hollow...

Ichey’s in jail! The archive is doomed! Corbin has offspring! Betsy Ross is a hot Mary Sue! Jenny collected magical artifacts,which I guess the writers forgot about. Sumerians predicted Christian apocalyptic stuff. New villian does villianny things.


We start off with Ichabod doing a little cleaning while singing a Revolutionary Way tune. Right now this ranks as one of my favorite moments of the season. He and Abbie are living together for the time being until he can find his own place. Abbie has to have a talk about fences and boundaries for neighbors when she discovers him trying to wash her “unmentionables”. He also burns his attempt to cook dinner for the two of them. It’s a funny way to open the episode, although it does make me want to go back and watch the first two seasons to see where he was living this whole time.

We see Pandora doing villain things with her box and spawning a creature that looks to be some kind of shadowy smoke monster. It follows her into town as she transforms into more modern clothing. We cut to the Tarrytown train station where a man named Paul Everett is on the phone trying to convince the person on the other end they need to share something they know. Pandora is there and she says to him that he needs to share his secret, and then adds that she was referring to his ability to get a signal on his cell phone. He ignores her and makes a call to the FBI. She tells the shadow creature that he has a secret he is trying to hide and it needs to get it from him. She then adds she enjoys seeing mortals squirm. While on the phone with the FBI, Everett sees the creature which looks like a Harry Potter Dementor. It stabs him with a long shadow tendril and we see flashes of a meeting he had with a man named Williams and an unnamed woman, discussing something dangerous that they need to share with others, but worried someone will find out.

Meanwhile at the house, Abbie comments that the replacement for the regional chief positon that opened up when Agent Granger was killed last week should be arriving soon. Ichabod wryly comments on the uproar that would occur if the true nature of his death were discovered. Abbie comments that only in Sleepy Hollow could that happen. Ichabod tells her she never had issue balancing her job as a police offer and her role as a witness in the past. She replies that she doesn’t want to do that forever and is building something here. The scene feels reminiscent of Buffy around Season 4 when she was trying to find a place for herself outside of being a Slayer. It’s interrupted by a call from FBI Dispatch to Abbie about a dead body discovered at the Tarrytown Train Station. It turns out to be Paul Everett, who the SHPD M.E rules died of a heart attack, although Ichabod is suspicious of someone his age dying by such a manner. Another FBI agent shows up who Abbie thinks is there to help while replacements for Granger are vetted, but she learns he is there to replace Granger as Regional Chief. His name is Daniel Reynolds and he and Abbie were at the Academy together. Ichabod introduces himself in the clumsiest way possible, adding that he did consulting work with the sheriff on matters of historical significance, leading Daniel to wonder the historical significance of a 32 year old man dying of a heart attack. Luckily for Ichabod, Abbie steps in and says they are roommates and he brought her to the scene and was leaving. Ichabod departs and Abbie and Reynolds continue talking. He tells her he had no idea she was here and had come over to the crime scene just as he got off the plane. He commented that he felt he knew all about Sleepy Hollow from her talking about it and was surprised she was still there. She says it’s good and bad like all places. After he leaves we see Ichabod stepping outside the train station. He looks at the side of a building and for a second, reacts like he saw something. He turns around sees Pandora who says “It’s quite a facade isn’t it?” and leaves. Abbie steps out and tells him about the call Everett made to the FBI right before he died. Ichabod is convinced his death was of a supernatural cause.


Back at the archive, Abbie isn’t sure what is worse, the supernatural being back or Daniel Reynolds as her boss. At Quantico, they had pushed each other to be better, leading Ichabod to inquire if the relationship was more than professional. Abbie reminds him of the talk they had earlier about fences and he drops it. He then discusses his plan to have the archive declared a historical landmark. He says a stand must be made to preserve history which leads Abbie to ask if he is referring to the building or himself. In response he says “ I shall find my place in this modern world, but not at the cost of my colonial soul”. Nonetheless, Abbie agrees they need a base. They listen to the recording of the call tot eh FBI Everett made. After doing some filtering they hear the conversation between Evertt, Williams and the unknown woman. As well as a voice saying it will kill for secrets.

Ichabod discovers that the creature is a whispering wraith, a creature made when a ritual is done on a human host, engulfing it in demonic shadows. Its purpose is it root out secrets. Grace Dixon’s journal records a rumor that British general William Howe had created such a creature. It turns out he had, using a traitor named Marcus Collins, a man Ichabod called a “Base, rank villain”. In flashback we learn the creature was to root out spies and because of Washington’s concern about Marcus’s loyalties, he sent Ichabod to extract two men spying on the general. Of course this means yet another scene with Betsy Ross. Its short I’ll give it that. It’s also one where Ichabod fails, and in the present he comments that if he had not failed they could have gotten Howe’s battle plans and thousands of lives could be saved. He believes the creature now is the same.


We cut to scene with Joe Corbin delivering some things from his dad’s cabin to Jenny’s trailer; only to discover it had been tossed. She comes home and he confronts her about what they could be looking for. He admits he was angry that his father had a side of himself he had shared with her and her sister but not him, and there was stuff about his dad he had no idea about. She promised to let him know if she learned anything about who tossed her place, and as he leaves we see someone has been watching them. Later on Joe gets captured by this individual, a tall black man named Randall who is after a artifact Jenny has called the Shard of Anubis. She ends up giving it to him but agrees to go after him with Joe so he can learn about the side of his father that August never shared with his son.

There is a lot of details here so I’ll sum it up. Everett worked for the county comptroller office and discovered his boss was embezzling pension fund money from county employees. He wanted to go public and discussed it with Williams and the woman. They try to get to Williams but Marcus gets their first, freaking him out which causes him to drive recklessly and get killed. Eventually they discover the identity of the woman and use a circle of lights to protect her as the creature stays in shadow. Ichadod remembers when he encountered the creature in the past; it ran from Betsy when she called its name. He does the same which makes it mortal and susceptible to pipes through the abdomen. However in the previous encounter it had been able to draw secrets out of both Witness. At the end of the episode, we learn that Ichabod had been captures by Howe and offered freedom if he gave the name of the other spies. He always felt guilt that for a moment he considered the offer but in the end resisted, unlike Marcus. Abbie’s secret was that she discovered that her father was alive and where he was living.


The episode ends with Ichabod finding out that his permit request was denied because he was a British citizen (Not sure why this hasn’t come up until now.). He realizes that the coffee shop he saw earlier that Pandora came out of was no longer there, as if it never existed. After checking the security tapes they see the woman who Abbie talked to last episode at the bar, and Abbie remembers her name. She also declares she’s the one throwing monsters at them, though how she knows for sure I don’t know, it’s not like they haven’t had multiple enemies working against them at once before. The last scene is Pandora watering her tree under the town which looks to start having a massive growth spurt, something I’m sure the Witnesses will have to deal with in the next episode.

Overall this was a good episode. It continued with some of the themes setup from the premiere, such as Abbie wanting to move on from Witness stuff and Jenny reaffirming her place in the group. I like the dynamic between Jenny and Joe and I think with her being the more experienced one and taking lead it will be better than what they had with Hawley. I liked Abbie’s chemistry with Daniel Reynolds and I want to see their history explored more. I think there is a lot of potential for comedy with Abbie and Ichabod living together. Overall, there was a lot of good stuff in this episode and I hope they continue strong next week.



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