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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Sleepy Hollow MegaThread - S3, E4 - "The Sisters Mills"

This is the O-Deck megathread for discussion on Sleepy Hollow Episode 4 “The Sisters Mills” Be aware, there will be spoilers after the break. EDIT: Commentary has been added.

Video game bro Crane is best Crane

Abbie makes a good point, it’s not what you know it’s what the book says. Crane is correct though in that the actual date of ratification was the 2nd of July, but he really needs to learn some post 18th centure history.


Crane saying he was at the 2nd continental congress made me think of Spike’s first episode of Buffy where he said that if every vampire who claimed to be at the Cruxification was there was in fact there it would have been bigger than Woodstock.

Ok so either Pandora and the little girl’s conversation was REALLY long or Abbie lives right next to the hospital because she and Jenny got there real fast.



So now the Tooth Fairy is evil. IS NOTHING SACRED SLEEPY HOLLOW?

Ok so the monster is a Syrian demon who attacks kids through the holes left over from teeth that come out. That is where the legend of the Tooth Fairy comes from.


Ichabod has seen Disney’s Cinderella. What other movies has he seen I wonder?

Of course the backstory to the monster would involve Betsy Ross. That said, she wasn’t to bad in this episode. She came off very sympathetic, as she was trying to figure out what was wrong with her nephew during the


Our Revolutionary War guest star this week is Paul Revere. He is dentist, silversmith and kick ass demon fighter.

I take back what I said before. We need Ichabod to talk to kids more. That svcene in the classroom was awesome.


Ichabod is also quickly learning how to con people. His improve in getting Revere’s bag was spleinded.

That said, he needs to stu

“Obfuscating a professional relationship by indulging in auxiliary feelings can become rather complicated”. I wonder if Ichabod was talking to the Ichie shippers there.


So Jenny has known where their dad was for five years and only kept it from Abbie because she told her what a jerk the guy was, Jenny didn’t even remember him because he left when she was three. The shoe is on the other foot.

Abbie down! Of course right after she and Jenny have that fight she gets taken out by the monster.


Jenny gets a real nice scene with the sister of the girl put in the coma by the demon at the beginning of the episode, talking about the fight she ahd with Abbie and how she dosen’t even think of it anymore, just the good times they had. Why was she being wasted in Season 2 again? She has been great so far this year.

Damm you Pandora stop messing around with the little girl! At least Henry had the decency to keep children out of his schemes. (If there is an episode where Henry used children in one of his schemes ignore this I’m going off memory.)


Ichabod in the dentist chair is hilarious even if it means a flashback of him sucking face with Betsy Ross. All induced by the gas of course. He is quite impressed with our modern dentistry. It’s like an adult from the 18th century mixed with that youtube video of the kid riding home from the dentist still affected by the gas.

Abbie gets a chance to look at Ichabod’s phone and it does seem like the texts between him and Zoe are a bit more flirty than what one would expect between student and tutor.


Abbie and Jenny do freconcile in a nice scene after Jenny tells Abbie she has a lead on the person who was hiring people for the shard stealing job.

So Abbie wakes up to see Pandora looking over her bedside. It’s an interesting scene. She asks Abbie what she is fighting for and talks about how she was sold into slavery by her father, and later how she asked her master to kill her father with a lion. She says a word “Napalutu” which we later learn is Sumerian for ‘Destroyers”. We also learn this is not the Pandora of Greece, but rather an archtype who hails from Sumeria. Remember that the tablet Ichabod found in his home was Sumerian and talks about how the Witnesses destroy the world. The episode ends with yet another rose on the tree blooming.

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