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Sleepy Hollow MegaThread - S3, E9 - "One Life"

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Well it’s been a while but Sleepy Hollow is back. As always, be aware that there will be spoilers beyond the jump.


Welcome back to Sleepy Hollow where the fun never stops. Last time we visited with our good friends Ichabod and Abbie, Abbie has just gone into a tree portal to keep the Shard Of Anubis from falling into the hands of a resurrected Sumerian god. She takes it, it blows up and here we are,a month later. Some thoughts on this episode.

  • We kick things off with Crane on a motorcycle chase trying to escape an apocalyptic cult he had stolen a jug from. It’s amazing to see when later this episode he will have trouble making frozen lasagna.
  • According to legend the jug was used by Orpheus to contact Eurydice in Hades. Crane hopes it will be used to locate Abbie,but all it does is attract the monster of the week.
  • The monster this week is interesting. It’s a demon that essentially plays Ichabod and cons him by making him think that Abbie is contacting him. In his blind desire to save Abbie he lets the demon loose.
  • We’ve seen Sumerian myth and this week we have a Japanese demon who feeds off desperation. That’s why it targets Crane and goes after Reynolds, who had taken a few days off at a cabin to clear his head.
  • A big chunk of this episode was introducing Agent Foster to the supernatural world. She had experienced it before;Her parents were archaeologists who disappeared at a dig. Locals claimed they were taken by demons.
  • They will have to tell Reynolds sooner or later, right? Or will this be like The Flash/Arrow, where there is a secret the main character keeps from someone he/she cares about, like Barry not telling Iris, his lifelong BFF that he’s a super fast superhero.
  • The flashback is a spy mission Ichabod and Betsy went on with Nathan Hale. Hale was a Revolutionary War spy who was captured and upon being hanged, yelled “I regret I have but one life to give for my country.” Yet another famous Revolutionary War figure who knew Ichabod.
  • The whole point is that Ichabod can’t save Hale.As they watch his public execution, Betsy makes the rather good point that a rescue attempt would draw the British attention to the spies in their midst. She says that sometimes there are no miracles, a message Crane takes to heart as the episode closes. He won’t give up looking but he will continue with his mission as a Witness.
  • It’s a bullshit waste of time of course.Even if we accepted that Nicole Beheri was leaving the show, the last scene shows Abbie in some kind of gray wasteland and the whole preview for next week is about her.
  • The worst thing about the flashback is that it slows the episode down but it’s not annoyingly trying to push a Crane/Betsy thing.
  • I like Agent Foster. I’m fine with seeing new characters come in and unlike Hawley, she isn’t replacing anyone. Eventually Abbie will return and it will help to have an ally in the FBI.
  • I don’t get why Crane was so shock at the idea of using mirrors to contact Abbie since he had the same thing to reach her and Katrina in Season 1 and 2.
  • Jenny and Joe spend the episode looking for a map that can track demons. They end up entangled with Randall, a guy they had dealings with earlier in the season when trying to get the Shard back.
  • At one point we see Joe taken off screen during a stand off at a storage unit. We hear a gun go off and the look of fear on Lydia Greenwood’s face is palpable. But good news, Joe is fine.
  • Finally half a season of tension is ended as Joe and Jenny get some loving on.
  • We don’t see a lot of Pandora and her boy toy. They are hiding and he is pissed that he is limited to “parlor tricks” She tells him she has a small part of her box which she puts on a table and it starts glowing.
  • This must be what is causing the swarms of demons the magic map shows are converging on Sleepy Hollow. Surely having a bunch of demons show up in town can’t be part of Pandora’s plan, can it?”

Over all a good episode. The flashback was clunky but not to bad. I like Foster and think she will make a good addition to the show. The demon was creepy and the CGI/SFX was well done. Overall a good strong start to the second half of the season. What do you think?Discuss in the comments and post any other recaps/reviews you have.


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