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Sleepyheads, guess who's "Craving!"

Are you shipping "Ichabbie?" Sleepy Hollow fans have, from the very start of the hit series, never mind Ichabod's married. Katrina's a ghost but she has powers so it might not be wise to antagonize her, I say. Hm, will the name Ichabod become en vogue for babies this year?! But the leading duo is not the only one fans ship for — there are "Craving" fans!

Now we need to talk about Orlando Jones, aka Captain Frank Irving. "You'll find no shortage of me on the interwebs," he writes. "I create and share GIFs and memes like a veritable boss. I comment, respond and interact with the Fandom in any way possible." While Orlando believes "Ichabbie" is cannon, he also plays with other possibilities:

Some Sleepyheads even ship Ichabod with my character, Frank Irving (mostly because I am a troll and have encouraged it), thus spawning Ichaving, or as I like to put it, Craving.


I understand when stars limit their interactions with fans, while occasionally wondering if cast members or others associated with shows might post anonymously on forums. Orlando Jones writes

"I strongly believe in acknowledging and interacting with the audience, eliminating barriers of all kinds, and making real connections with people whenever possible. Fan interaction could be construed as breaking the fourth wall — the invisible boundary between artist and audience."

Maybe ... I also totally understand when a performer would want to avoid reading unmoderated comments.



Photo from NY Comic Con, Oct.13,2013, Laura Thompson/Fox

Edited to add: I came across Orlando Jones' corgi cast in Sleepy Hollow, but can't remember if a scene with a corgi aired already?


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