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Slings and Arrows

“The theatre is an empty box and it is our task to fill it with fury and ecstasy, and with revolution.”
- Slings and Arrows


Everyone needs to start watching this. It's a Canadian television show about a theatre festival and it's pretty much some of the best goddamn television out there. Three seasons with six episodes each in which they set up Shakespeare-plays.

I just finished the second season and I'm pretty sure I have a new favorite show. It's hilarious, it's amazing, it's sad and it's wonderful. There just isn't anything bad in it.

And a lot of famous people show up, like Rachel McAdams, Shane from The Vampire Diaries and Myka from Warehouse 13, not to mention a certain Supernatural-actor playing a very, very funny role - in retrospect. And no, you should not check who it is. The surprise is... worth it.

It's just glorious television. Starts off a little weak - you gotta get that feel for what it is and what it's trying to do first - then goes on and becomes a complete and utter brilliance.


All three seasons are on Netflix. I suggest you start watching ASAP. I promise you'll love it. It's unbelievably fantastic.

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