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Recently Alliterator debated whether Sliders deserves a reboot and I suppose the answer is no more and no less than any other cult show. As it happens, I’ve been plodding through reruns on Horror (which is part of the CBS cluster of channels in the UK). I rewatched the early season that aired on BBC2 back in the day and have carried on through the stuff they saw fit not to pick up.

There might be a certain irony in this, but having hit the last two seasons Horror still gives the programme an ident that features Sabrina Lloyd and John Rhys-Davies. On ad breaks at least they still front the show.


It has been a nightly moment to disengage the brain and while these episodes have a reputation of being truly awful, I have to admit some are still entertaining, engaging even. They seem to have predicted Trump’s America, or aspects of it, several times over.

Coincidentally, Brexit-supporter John Rhys-Davies named Trump the “last great hope for America” last night on Question Time. Would Arturo agree?

Anyway, I have about a week and a half until I hit the end of Rembrandt, Maggie, Diana and Mallory’s journey. Will I survive?


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