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All of them! I can't draw...I mean, technically, I can draw. I can copy as well as I ever could, but I can't draw my stuff. No one looks like anyone. Nothing flows. No compositions are interesting. Nothing grabs me. Everything I draw depresses me.

I've hauled out the books, the instructional "here's how you shade with a pen" books, the "here's human anatomy" books, the "here's composition" book—I'm in week 2 of an online art history course...BUT I STILL SUCK.


What do you do when you get here with whatever you do? Do you power through? Stomp through slowly? Take a break? Change the paradigm? Think outside that very infuriating box?

I haven't published since the Black Pearl and I can't even think of another challenge with any emotion behind it...

Tell me about your slumps.

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