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"Smartest Guy in the Room" Hate Thread

Okay, so I'm probably overrating to a situation that won't amount to anything important, but the O-Deck seems to be okay with venting, SO VENT I WILL.

I just wrapped up a group project for one of my masters' classes. There were four of us in the group, and three of us worked fine together. And then there was "Z".

Z second-guessed us THE. ENTIRE. TIME. Each time a group member submitted their part of the project, he had to butt in with his inputs. Oh, and when one member had to quickly adapt and change one of his questions, he asked for her reasoning behind that.


The worst of it didn't happen to me, though. I did the written analysis, and it was another member's job to edit my writing. After our ASSIGNED editor finished her job, Z just informed us that he would be editing the project.

Riiiight before the deadline, he just emails us and informs us "here are the final edits." The final edits. AS IF HE HAS ANY FUCKING AUTHORITY TO TELL US WHAT IS FINAL OR NOT IN A GROUP PROJECT.



Okay I'm done. Feel free to share your stories of the "Smartest guy in the room."


UPDATE: Here's the outcome of the whole deal.

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