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Finally Wonder Woman is getting the respect she deserves! The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has brought her iconic plane from the Seattle Museum of Flight, to be put on display. Unfortunately it is a one day only loan so everyone should rush to see it!


Seen here proudly on display along with some other iconic pieces of aviation history, Wonder Woman's invisible plane was put into the jet configuration instead of the propeller configuration.

The plane was far ahead of its time using Amazonian technology to have incredible stealth technology and the ability to travel through deep space in the 50s. According to the Smithsonian:

Other features on this jet include shape shifting, telepathic abilities, and multi-dimensional transport. Although the jet was invisible the passengers were not, and they often appeared to float on the clouds. It should be mentioned that even though Wonder Woman can fly under her own powers, the plane has come in handy when needed to transport Etta Candy and the Holliday Girls as well as Steve Trevor and others.

I expect though that there will be protests by Amazonians that object to an iconic part of their history and culture, remaining solely in American museums.

Via Smithsonian

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