Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So as some of you may recall, I was feeling pretty down last Friday due to something I'd done to hurt a close friend. Well, here's an update.


As some of you inferred (or maybe I just inferred that you inferred), it turns out that they were a lot less upset than I'd imagined them to be. Although they did freak out quite a bit when it originally happened and were pretty upset with me initially, by the time that I approached them about it again after torturing myself about it for the weekend they were more than ready to forgive.

Which surprised me, because quite honestly I'd thought what I'd done would take a lot longer to earn back their trust. It's possible that they're still somewhat angry with me and are trying to hide it, but if so they're a lot better at faking their feelings than I assumed they were. So it seems that we're good. Not that I've forgiven myself yet; I'm still stunned how bad it could have been if they hadn't acted as quickly as they did. But apparently that's just me being my usual anxious, doubt-ridden self.

Which I'm really, really thankful for. Because this person is one of my closest friends and I would have been devastated to lose them.

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