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So, a third-party spoiled my friend...

... for some future Game of Thrones happenings, and I'm trying to figure out how to see just how severe the spoilage goes, without, obviously, spoiling him further. Is there a science to trying to extract information without the subject knowing which information you're trying to extract or even if he has that information?


So, my friend and a friend of his and I have composed our core GOT-watching group this season. Of them, I'm the only one to have read the books. I knew one of their co-workers had tipped them off about Robb's impending death (as far as I know, Catelyn was a surprise), and that it was pretty horrifying, but not the method of the death. Up until Sunday night, I think they were expecting the Frey's betrayal in an impending battle.


As a reader of ASOIAF, there were, needless to say, few surprises for me, and plenty for them. However, there was one big surprise after the end of the episode, when my friend asked when we'll see Cat as a zombie.

Clearly, this other source is spoiling him something fierce, and I want to know just how badly, specifically, I want to know what, if anything, he knows about Tywin's impending death.

As a disclaimer, I gave in and trickled out a few spoilers when he demanded them incessantly, broad strokes mostly, while carefully making sure to omit things such as the identity of Ramsay Snow, the appearance of Lady Stoneheart, and Tywin's coming death, as well as the, at-the-time merely impending Red Wedding.

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