Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Is the consensus that it isn't a good movie? because I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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To be fair, I watched the movie:

  • At 2 am
  • After drinking something called "Rocket Fuel" (Liquid nitrogen-cooled smuggled grain alcohol and limeade)
  • With a bunch of other nerds who also had been drinking all day
  • At an outdoor amphitheatre built by Freemasons who apparently still exist, because it was built two years ago. I think it added to the atmosphere.

Anyway, I'm not saying it was perfect. Bitchy Girlfriend Stereotype #2 is a borrrinngggggg trope but the cast was great! Jason Stackhouse, Tyrion Lannister, River Tam, That Hacker Guy From House of Cards, Abed, Will Bailey/David Rosen, That Guy Who's in So Many Things but Here is Playing a Wizard... So many people! I really enjoyed that.

Plus, the metal-geeks in the group enjoyed the presence of that genre in the movie.


I don't plan on watching this movie sober, because I feel I watched it in the perfect context and I don't want to ruin the memory.

I approve of Knights of Badassdom.

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