Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So, about tonight's revelation on Agent Coulson?

This is spoiler corner, so be warned! Also, I am a fan of the show, so be warned about that too!

Okay, now that this is not showing on the main O-Deck page - am I the only one to be a bit disappointed about the reveal? Because it didn't reveal that much? So they brought him back from the dead against his will using a lot of vague super-science? That's it? I hope the consequence of what he went through will be explored more, because right now I'm not getting how him having lost the will to live affected him so much, or what exactly was so terrible about bringing him back. Maybe I missed something?

On another note, is it me or what Reyna used on Poe is Obadiah Stane's gadget from Iron Man 1? What could that hint about the clairvoyant?

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