This past weekend was spent traipsing through New York City and its various boroughs. It took three trips over 10 years but I can now say I have officially been to all 5 boroughs. Although the Bronx will always be associated with a rained-out Yankees-Blue Jays ball game (I went ALL THE WAY to AMERICA and THE BRONX for a BALLGAME and it was RAINED OUT. Screw you, Yankees! Screw you and your roof-less stadium!)

ANYWAY, my queries:

1) Can I marry the Museum of Natural History? I'm a godless Canadian socialist, so it should be fine, right? The Hall of Ocean Life and I have an understanding. Also, the show at the Hayden Planetarium? BLEW MY MIND. I can totally understand why people go there high. I was freaking out and I was stone-cold sober. I could listen to Whoopi Goldberg tell me about stars while watching the universe zoom by ALL DAY.

2) Why does Midtown/Grand Central area have such a dearth of reasonably-priced restaurants? It was all pricey Waldorf Astoria steakhouses and whatnot. Except for:

3) Pay by weight food depositories. What's the deal with pay-per-pound food? Really! I only encounter these in the States. And in museums, too! Why can't I pay usual over-priced museum prices?


4) On a serious note, what's with the "Constant Vigilance" announcements everywhere? I understand the airport, I mostly understand it on the subway, but we went to go see Star Trek and the theatre reminded us to keep our valuable in sight and to tell them if we saw something suspicious. At the movies?

Anyway, on a trip to NYC (a giant city with so much stuff to do!) we had to find a theatre to see Star Trek and we had to be back in time to watch the Doctor Who finale. I have so many feelings about both! Obviously, my priorities are in check! Also, GIANT WHALE.


I <3 you, giant whale.