...is a quite useless Top Stories side bar that squeezes all the stuff we care about into a smaller, less convenient space. Top Stories make sense on the main page but not here. We aren't going for page views. This is really just informal conversation among friends. Some of us do write some up some wonderful stuff, stuff that could and does make for front page material, but it's mostly about individual quirks here, so it isn't in the business of trying to be professionally bloggy.

This being said, it occurs to me that perhaps the Top Stories thing isn't about us at all. It isn't designed for our use. Maybe it's more about finding ways to extract marketable nuggets from our ceaseless yammering. All I know is that we had something that was pretty cool and we pretty much liked it and they had to go and mess with it again. It just seems so pointless in terms of how we use it. But, whatever...when in the content farm do as the content farmers.