Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

.... that "reality " shows are the worst thing ever conceived by mankind?

I was over at my parents house today to help with the baby's room (due date is in late December, but we want to get it done) and my mom was marathoning her recordings of Big Brother.

I just couldn't stand listening to it for more then a few minutes. Why is this stuff popular? Why doesn't it just die already? I wonder how my dad keeps his sanity because he will sit there and watch it with her (and he hates it more then I do).


Yeah, I watch a lot of TV. Yeah, it's not the best thing in the world and I should get out more. But at least the stuff I like to watch has substance. It has a story to tell, a message to relay, something to justify the time I spend watching it.

Just what is the appeal? Maybe I wouldn't get so upset at it if it didn't make my mother crazy. She starts yelling the second either me or my dad start talking and then turn it up even louder. And of course the baby's room is right next to the living room so we had to listen to it the entire time.

Can anyone explain it to me?

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