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So...did anyone else watch Bates Motel?

A&E took the story of a boy and his mother from Psycho and set it in modern day Oregon. By the end of the first episode someone gets really stabby. Spoilers ahead.

My thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Mother barely reacted to seeing dead husband but was more focused on comforting Norman. She already knew he was dead? Did she or Norman kill him?
  • Best line - "No one will want to book a room in the rape/murder motel."
  • Mother was pretty cool-headed about having to get rid of a body.
  • Is Norman using Axe? It seems like the girls really like him.
  • It's easy to read a lot of subtext into Norma and Norman's relationship but that doesn't mean it's really there.

You can still see the full episode on the A&E website here.

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