Its like I-Ching, but with Spotify. I use it exactly like how The Man in the High Castle does it. But first, get your biggest, most diverse Spotify playlist, and shuffle it. Its better if you are driving or doing something that requires a state of mindlessness, meditative but not trance-y (The state of mind, not the music genre).

So far, what I got was when I was contemplating on buying stuff for the family unit, and trying to figure out my finances, The Drums plays Money.

Or when I was wondering why a client is such an asshole...

I kid you not, every time I had something to ask, I get an answer, almost always directly after I ask.

Here’s the thing though - after I read TMITHC, I tried the I-ching. I was in my teens, I had some existentialist questions I wanna ask like teenagers are wont to do, but I never got any satisfactory or anything significant from it. But surprise, surprise, Spotify does it for me.

So yeah, just wondering if you guys had tapped into this cosmic consciousness (or will it go away when Apple Music crush everything in its way ;P)