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Though not surprising, election results are pretty much a mess and a turnout below 50%. The Guardian sums it up nicely.


In France, Le Pen's right wing extremists won first place, prompting the appearance of this site. In my opinion, several other countries need to co-sign that, including my own.

In Romania first place was won by PSD (Social-Democrats), the currently ruling party (in alliance with two minor satellite parties), by some 40% of the vote. Second place was won by the liberals nearly 18 percentage points behind (yikes!). We didn't vote in any extremist parties - but those two are bad enough considering their general incompetence and buffoonery. A big surprise was the one independent who passed the electoral threshold who did better than several parties including hungarian minority party (which has head the steadiest numbers in the past 20 years - around 6-8%). This guy was in the national parliament, but found "incompatible" by the relevant alphabet agency. That means he was holding office in the country and another position that would be a conflict of interest. He lost his seat and he is not allowed to hold any other official position or run in elections for the next three years. Due to peculiarities in the law (and two conflicting judicial rulings) - and IMO directly against the spirit of the law - he ran for the EP.

This also means that in the autumn when we have our presidential elections we will have to vote for whoever is estimated to be second just to prevent our jester of a PM from becoming president. I hate choosing like that - as I will most likely not like that candidate much better.

Greece voted firmly socialist (some would say communist) - which has come as a surprise to absolutely nobody.


Separately from the EU, Ukraine also help presidential elections yesterday. They are not without controversy - a lot of people couldn't vote at all. Hopefully they manage to end the civil war and reunite the country. But with Russia breathing down their necks I'm afraid they're probably in for more instability.

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