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What Is Your Town Famous For?

So, even though it's the fifth tomorrow I can hear fireworks already and it isn't just miscreants trying to cause havoc, in our town it's a sound you become accustomed to as from the middle of September there are people testing the biggest and best rockets and bangers they can find.


Why is this not considered anti social behaviour? It's because I live in Lewes and here we hold the biggest bonfire night celebrations in the world (probably!). The roads close, the shops shut at 4 and getting in and out of the town is nigh on impossible for about six hours, we can expect nearly 100,000 visitors and the only thing I can liken it to is a rock festival, with no music, happening in your street. Barely controlled chaos with fire in other words. Mental.

As well as commemorating the Gun Powder Plot the night also commemorates the burning of 17 protestant martyrs during the Marian persecutions of the 16th century. I'd read about it on the wiki or on one of the many, many websites if you are interested.


So, my question is: what does your town or city do on Bonfire Night and for the US readers, I know you don't have Guy Fawkes Night (do you?) so what is the most mental thing that happens in your town or city and do you enjoy it or does it bug the hell out of you?(I used to go to Bonfire Night every year but it always ends in a fight. It's like a thousand people all pissing in your front yard and expecting you to chuckle benignly at them. The fireworks are uh-may-zing though, and those I can see for free from my back yard.)

Come on then, what is your town famous for? Pictures would be nice!

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