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So Hey... Bay Area/Last Unicorn fans...

Are any of you guys going to the screening of the restored 2K digital print of The Last Unicorn at the Castro Theater in San Francisco tonight? Peter S. Beagle himself will be in attendance, since it's also his 74th birthday, and he does live just across the Bay, in Oakland. It's actually the launch of a nationwide tour for both Beagle and the movie in support of an even more elaborate restoration plan. (I would go, but I don't live in the Bay Area at the moment, having left on a quest of my own several years ago.)

I'm not particularly crazy about the cartoon —though it is quite beautiful (many of the animators later went to work for Studio Ghibli)— but Beagle's source novel is one of my all-time favorite books, and he's a lovely fellow in person. So if you're going, do say hello. And yes, there will be an audience Q&A and a book signing, plus prizes. (I hear they're raffling off the secret of true happiness, so bid high!)

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